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   Chapter 600 Mighty Ghosts

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Hearing what Terrence and Soar said, Ricky and the others just couldn't wait to get a closer look at the tree.

"However, before we get to the Enlightening Tree, we have some troubles to deal with," Ricky said as a flash of fighting spirit appeared in his eyes.

Something let out a strong howl in the distance. As Ricky's voice trailed off, a horrible howl was heard clearly by Ricky and his friends.

Those skeletons which had been floating on the surface of the lake were now moving violently as they flowed along the dark water. Tens of thousands of giant dark shadows that looked like ghosts then appeared out of nowhere.

Apart from that, the dark ghosts were constantly absorbing the energy of the Dark Enlightenment from the dark water.

Amidst the howling and roaring of the ghosts, they casted murderous glances as sharp as arrows at Ricky and his friends. If those glances could kill, they all would've died in an instant.

However, in spite of what they were capable of doing, the ghosts failed to draw the attention of Ricky and his friends who were still busy straining their eyes to figure out what was at the center of the lake.

Standing at the center were two shadows. One of them looked like a human that emitted a terribly powerful aura. The other shadow seemed more like in the form of a tiger or wolf.

"Without a doubt, they must be the leaders of this swarm of ghosts," Ricky said with certainty.

"I can deal with the ghost in the form of a tiger. But that human-shaped ghost is way more powerful than me. I'm afraid that its power may be at the peak of a second-class middle spiritual king," Terrence replied apprehensively.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it," Ricky answered. It was clear that his morale had been boosted.

"Of course it's yours. Who else can be a match for that prick?" Terrence laughed.

"Soar, I'm sure you can handle fighting those hundreds of minor ghosts and not be defeated, right? Actually I think you might even enjoy fighting them," Terrence turned around and said to Soar with a grin on his face.

"That sucks. Who are you ordering me to deal with those bastards again? You are robbing me of the fun and I'm starting to get bored," Soar replied unpleasantly after hearing what Terrence just said to him.

"But you're right. I can't win against either of those ghost leaders and you have to leave those minor ghosts to me. It's totally my fault that I'm much weaker than you and Ricky."

"Ha-ha!" Ricky and Terrence exchanged glances as they laughed hysterically.

"We're also here to help!" Samson and his sister said. After having a proper rest, they had finally

rst of its dark power kind of overpowered his own strength.

More than that, Ricky had also found out that the human-shaped ghost leader was using the same fighting skills as that of the tiger-shaped ghost leader.

'My best guess is that, those ugly ghosts are cultivating martial arts solely based on the different types of wandering ghosts they were born from, ' Ricky thought to himself.

'This could really take a while!'

Ricky diverted all his energy into his infernal power. In an instant, the chaotic fire runes and the devouring runes burst out wildly. They were his best weapons to deal with the dark power.

It worked.

The human-shaped ghost was severely wounded. It howled in great pain as the waves of the lake water ran higher. It carried more intense dark power as well as the strong smell of blood.

It then punched several times as the dark water became even more violent. The water gathered and turned into an enormous whale. It howled and not far from its body, the Dark Enlightenment and the Killing Enlightenment were transformed quickly into a bloody and dark sword that rapidly flew towards Ricky.

"Whoever this ghost leader was in its past life must have been a really excellent warrior before he died," Ricky said in a serious tone as he was impressed by what the ghost leader could do.

Without any hesitation and without wasting any time in thinking, Ricky brought out his Iron Destroyer. He concentrated the fire power and threw his devouring runes towards the direction of the incoming dark sword.

The collision produced earsplitting sounds and huge explosions.

The heat waves spread far and seemed to have engulfed everybody and everything around the collision, including Ricky and the human-shaped ghost leader.

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