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   Chapter 599 The Enlightening Tree

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The punch with the Dragon Battle Technique wasn't an ordinary one. It contained the blood power of the Great Dragon and the enlightening power. The punch was so powerful that the entire Land of Ghosts was lit up by its flashes. The atmosphere was filled with the momentum of a Great Dragon.

"I know how powerful Soar is judging by the momentum of his punch. I believe that he is unbelievable strong like you," Terrence exclaimed. He was surprised to see how powerful Soar was.

"You should have a fight with him in the future. Maybe then you'll understand better," Ricky said with a smile.

Most of the ghosts were killed by the overwhelming strength of Soar's punch as their Souls of Ghost were gathered by Samson one by one.

In order to gather more and more Souls of Ghosts, they deliberately explored the place where they thought other ghosts were more likely to show up.

Just like what Samson had said, the ghosts there weren't very strong. The strongest ghosts they had met were just as strong as a second-class middle spiritual king.

There also wasn't anything special with the area where the ghosts appeared apart from the intense dark power.

So even though they had killed a lot of ghosts, they still had no luck finding the Enlightening Tree. Thus, they began to realize that they had to first find out where the stronger ghosts were residing in order to find the Enlightening Tree.

They had put all their energy into killing ghosts for ten days just so they could obtain more Souls of Ghosts to provide more enlightening energy to the Ghost Tracking Device.

Finally, after the Ghost Tracking Device was infused with hundreds of Souls of Ghosts, it began to shine.

Buzz! Buzz! Its shining light was black. The black iron needle of the compass began to spin. Luckily they still could tell which direction it was trying to point at even though the needle spun so rapidly.

"It's finally working!" Samson remarked.

He was excited and worried at the same time. On one hand, he was excited that Ricky's fight with Martin was closely approaching and if Ricky won the battle, he would finally be able to take revenge on Martin for his family.

On the other hand, Samson was worried and also afraid that if Ricky lost in his battle with Mar

could never change who I really am. I'll always have mercy in mind," Terrence replied in a serious tone. He understood Ricky's worries so he decided to make a promise in order to assure him.

'Always have mercy in mind...' Ricky thought to himself. He seemed to have understood Terrence more but at the same time, he also felt more confused about what Terrence had just said.

However, Ricky didn't let himself get too caught up in his conversation with Terrence so just decided to trust him. He believed in Terrence—the killing wouldn't change who Terrence really was. Ricky always thought that constant reminding was something a friend ought to do.

Besides, deep down, Ricky still could feel Terrence's intent whenever Terrence practiced his sword skill. His intent had always been very pure.

"Hey, look! Is that a tree at the center of the lake?" Soar asked excitedly. "I bet it's the Enlightening Tree. It must be it!"

Everyone looked at the center of the lake after hearing Soar's words.

There was indeed a tree at the center of the lake. It was black and it was in the middle of a thick cloud of dark fog. The fog seemed to be the Dark Enlightenment and the tree was absorbing it.

"It's said that the Enlightening Tree can absorb any kind of enlightening power. It can turn the power it absorbs into pure enlightening and grow Enlightening Fruits. I believe that's the Enlightening Tree," Terrence said excitedly.

"I can't help but picture its Enlightening Fruits in my mind already."

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