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   Chapter 598 The Ghost Tracking Device

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"Yes, these creatures are the ghosts formed by the souls of the dead, the power of Dark Enlightenment and the resentment of the creatures before they were killed," Samson explained, providing them more detail.

"The strength of these ghosts is, in essence, not really weak. Each of them is actually a spiritual king," Soar sighed as he felt the energy being exuded in their surroundings.

"You're right. This Land of Legacy can be considered an old battlefield for those innate spiritual kings. After they died, their souls turned into ghosts. As a result, the ghosts now possess the power of a spiritual king," Samson added. The Land of Legacy was discovered by the ancestors of both his clan and the Golden Leopard Valley. Thus, he was familiar with everything in this land.

"These ghosts are not the strongest ones. Yet, they are perfect for us to test the power of the ghosts along with their attack styles." Upon hearing this, Ricky instantly said, "Soar, we leave the most powerful ghost to you. Terrence and I will handle the rest."

"I see! No problem!" Soar gamely responded as he expressed zero hesitation. Without wasting any more second, he activated his body movement skill and landed right in front of the strongest ghost.

Judging by its breath, Soar felt that the strength of the ghost was probably equivalent to a second-class middle spiritual king. Yet, because it had no entity, the power that it could potentially release was almost equal to the peak power of a third-class middle spiritual king. On the other hand, this would also provide the perfect opportunity for Soar to hone his skill. It was for this reason that he complied with Ricky's suggestion with no contentions.

As a Great Dragon, Soar's speed of progress in terms of his cultivation base took place at a fast pace. His talent was at least close to the second level of a peerless genius. However, since he always stayed with Ricky, his progress was sort of overshadowed by the faster progress that Ricky manifested.

"After observing you for days, I've discovered that you are not the only one in this group who deserves to be called a fighting madman. Even your brother Soar is also a fighting madman," Terrence said to Ricky in a low voice when he witnessed how Soar had fought with the ghost.

"Actually, you can go head-to-head against Soar. I believe that the battle between you two will be advantageous for both of you," Ricky suggested.

"I will. Like you, Soar has already triggered my fighting spirit. If I am able to seize such a great opportunity, I will definitely fight Soar," Terrence revealed. He was also a crazy fighter and he would often engage in a fight with strong warriors whenever he was presented with the opportunity. He had challenged Ricky in the past at the Oriental College. It was during their friendly battle that Ricky and Terrence became friends.

"Ha-ha, then, let's deal with these ghosts first!" Ricky said and chuckled.

He then took out his Iron Destroyer and Terrence took out his Dark Evil Sword. Within a few moments, they had killed off all th

ger fought with us when we were still outside the Land of Ghosts earlier," Samson replied introspectively as he rubbed his thumb with his chin. "His strategy is clear. First, he will leave us alone and make us do all the hard work in searching for the Enlightening Fruits by using this Ghost Tracking Device. Once we find the fruits and they find the perfect opening, that's when they'll strike and seize the fruits from our possession."

"They really had an elaborate plan. It's a pity they miscalculated the situation. The moment they crossed paths with me, that was when their plan was doomed to fail," Ricky responded softly but surely upon discovering his opponents' plan. Samson and Carley couldn't help but be startled by the confidence that Ricky exuded.

"Soar's battle should be over in a second!" Ricky blurted with excitement. His attention shifted back to Soar, who was busy fighting against the ghost.

Bang! Bang! By this time, the ghost had now been suppressed completely by Soar.

How was that possible? Firstly, since the ghost no longer had flesh and body, its combat power was immensely reduced. Secondly, Soar's skill, the Heaven Melting Fire, had the power to restrain the power of ghosts especially when it was used at full capacity.

"Soar, hurry up and end the battle. Next, we need to hunt more ghosts," Ricky urged.

"Ricky, I get it!" Soar replied at once. Obviously, defeating the ghost was not his ultimate purpose at the moment. He knew that they had a more pressing task to finish. Thus, he understood Ricky right away and so he had no other choice but to hasten his fight.

Soar yelled with much force from his inner core, "Dragon Battle Technique, Heaven-melting Flame Skill!" He summoned and invoked one of his powerful skills. Shortly after calling out his mighty technique, Soar released a fierce attack. His Heaven Melting Fire was transformed into the virtual shadow of a fire dragon. The virtual shadow then wrapped itself around Soar's right fist, before it whirled quickly and violently toward the ghost.

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