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   Chapter 597 The Ghosts

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They were two solitary mountains that rose high into the sky. The mountains were so high that it was impossible to see the tops of them. Everything on the mountains was dark and mysterious as it was cast in shadow. The mountains were surrounded by the dark power. One could feel that it covered the whole range of the mountains, and right between the two solitary mountains was the place with the strongest dark power.

A hellish storm blew constantly through the mountains, sweeping over the dark power. In addition to the energy of ruin, which originally existed there, the atmosphere was like that of a dark hell.

Those two isolated mountains seemed to be connected with each other, but that was not really the case. There was actually a small valley between them.

"Did you see that small cavern entrance in the valley? That is the entrance to the Land of Ghosts," Samson said after they arrived there. "Every two or three months, there is a hellish storm that blows through this small cavern. The hellish storm is a part of the entrance. When the hellish storm appears, we should walk into the storm. This is how we can enter the Land of Ghosts."

"I see." Ricky nodded his head gently.

"After we enter it, we will have to face danger from all kinds of ghosts. The ghosts within that land have many different forms. These ghosts are eager for flesh and blood. Once they devour bodies of flesh and blood, they can obtain psychic intelligence," Samson explained.

"So that means, once we enter the Land of Ghost, we will be attacked by all of the ghosts as soon as they sense that we are there."

"We naturally need to face the ghosts after we enter the Land of Ghosts. To be honest, I'm really looking forward to seeing those ghosts. I wonder what they look like, and I want to figure out which one is stronger—the ghosts or my raging fire attack," Soar said with a little disdain in his voice after hearing what Samson had said.

He was contemptuous toward the ghosts, but not of Samson, of course.

Samson smiled lightly when he heard what Soar said. He knew that no matter what he said at that moment about the powerful and terrible aspect the ghosts had, Soar wouldn't believe him. Everything would be made clear after they entered the Land of Ghosts though.

"They are here, too!" Ricky added at that point.

As soon as he finished speaking, six figures landed on the ground nearby. The newcomers were Martin, Duncan, and their partners.

"I had expected to see some more

mirage, we are very likely to get stuck here forever," Samson reminded them of that at that point.

Samson still had faith in Ricky as Ricky was strong, so he didn't expect Ricky to die before he fought with Martin and his companions. As for how things would go after that, he was really uncertain about it. He didn't know whether he would change his views on Ricky or not over time.

"Mirage? I have never seen a mirage. If there is a chance, I would really like to see what it looks like." Ricky smiled after he heard what Samson said.

One could tell from Ricky's eyes that he wasn't the type to lie. He was really looking forward to seeing a legendary mirage.

'Ricky is such a strange man! I don't even know if he is confident, or just wildly arrogant, ' Samson thought to himself at the sight of Ricky's smile.


Right at that point, they were suddenly able to hear earsplitting howls, but they couldn't see where the noises were coming from. The sounds seemed to be roars of beasts.

Then, they saw many seemingly solid but somehow illusory shadows coming toward them and encircling them.

Those shadows were changing between solid forms and illusory forms. Some of them looked like human figures, some like virtual shadows of beasts, and others looked like various types of plants. Those shadows were surrounded by an aura of death and gloomy power. There was even the smell of rotting coming from their mouths when they howled.

They could feel a force of strong resentment from those shadows.

"If I'm right, then these must be the ghosts that populate this Land of Ghosts!" Ricky said as his eyes shone with joy and excitement.

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