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   Chapter 596 The Land Of Ghosts

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In most cases, Ricky couldn't care less about what other people thought of him. He liked to do everything in his own way and turn a deaf ear to others' gossip. But now because this Samson was Madeline's relative, he had to make some redemption and change his mind about him. It was not for himself, but for his sworn brother Soar. Since Soar liked Madeline so much, Ricky couldn't just turn Samson into his enemy.

Of course, Ricky knew that he was the one to blame for the deaths of the many geniuses from the Nanchao Clan. So on all accounts, he shouldn't turn his back on this matter.

"Alright then, tell me what Martin wants. What makes him so sure that I will definitely go there?" Ricky asked, having decided not to go against Samson.

"Our clan and warriors from the Golden Leopard Valley call that place the Land of Ghosts. It was discovered a long time ago by the ancestors of our clan and the Golden Leopard Valley together," Samson started answering, sounding much calmer now.

"The Land of Ghosts?" Ricky and the others repeated with a little surprise on hearing the name. They were startled by the strange name. It was the first time that they had heard about this place, whose name alone was reeking of danger.

"Then? What's so special about that area?" Ricky asked on, clearly intrigued.

"It is a hidden area on this Land of Legacy and the story says that it is haunted by ghosts. From the moment that it was found, the ghosts have acquired all of its space. Hence, the area is named after them." Samson went on telling about it.

"I bet you have heard about the ghost. It is a rather special kind of creature that is either formed naturally in heaven and earth or evolve from a soul filled with resentment. Usually, it is without any flesh or bones. Some of them still have psychic intelligence if they were some intelligent creatures before they died. Some of them are fortunate enough to possess intelligence through long ages. But the rest of them are just simple forms of life."

"I can see that it obviously deserves the name, and it is also obvious that this is by no means a safe place. Is there any prize for those who are brave enough to explore the land inspite of the risks? And most importantly, why was Martin so certain that I would be willing to go to this strange land?" Ricky inquired, showing more interest.

"You said it. There exists some kind of truly valuable treasures that none of the innate spiritual kings can resist. It's said that the Enlightening Trees may be found there, and with a bit of luck, one can even expect to find the Enlightening Fruits on the land," Samson answered.

"The Enlightening Fruits!" Ricky and the others exclaimed excitedly, their faces lighting up at once.

As a matter of fact, luck was something that they surely had these days, for they had just gained the fourth-level Glazed Fruits that they had craved for. It seemed that their luck hadn't run out, as now even the Enlightening Fruits had come knocking at their door.

"Well, looks like my reaction has met Martin's expectation," Ricky declared with a s

you could remove your prejudices against me is that you're someone important to Madeline. I don't want to create any conflicts between you and her, which is why I need to prove to you that I meant no harm.

Of course, even if it's not for Madeline, I will still go and fight Martin and his men. But in that case, I will do it merely for the justice I uphold rather than for changing your mind."

Samson didn't say anything for a while on hearing Ricky's words, but he was pondering over them.

He then exchanged knowing looks with his sister Carley, but it was hard to figure out what they were trying to say to each other.

Finally, after a few moments of silence, Samson said, "Fine, I want to believe you. I hope you can keep your promise and change our opinions about you after this trip to the Land of Ghosts.

Honestly, since you appear to be Madeline's friend, we don't want any misunderstanding between us, either."

"You will see, I'm sure of that," Ricky answered with a genuine smile.

"So now let's get back to the point. When can we possibly get into the Land of Ghosts? Do we need to get the timing right?" Ricky asked as his face filled with excitement.

"From the earlier trials and experience, I would say that we might get the chance about half a month later," Samson informed them.

"That's good to know. Alright then, make sure that you two have enough rest on this airship in the following days. It takes time for your wounds to heal," Ricky suggested.

In the following ten days, the group of people rested and recovered on the airship. After that, they wasted no time and headed in the direction of the Land of Ghosts.

Soon, they arrived in a mountain area, where the dark energy was lurking around. The moment they came near that place, a kind of sinking feeling began reverberating in their bones. The entrance to the Land of Ghosts was hidden somewhere in this eerie and wicked space.

It was waiting for whoever that dared to come, right in the crevice between the two highest mountains in the middle of the space.

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