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   Chapter 595 Reaching A Compromise

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"You are so much more powerful than your younger brother," Ricky told Martin as he steadied himself.

"But, there's one thing you need to know. Listen—I, Ricky, truly detest how you used innocent people to force me to appear before you." Ricky gave off an increasingly menacing aura.

He didn't know all the details of the conflict among the Golden Leopard Valley, the Golden Rhino tribe and the Nanchao Clan. He only heard about part of the story from Madeline's previous narration. From what he knew, he conjectured everything that Martin and his allies did to those innocent people was all because of him.

Ricky felt truly sorry for causing trouble to the Nanchao Clan. They shouldn't have been hurt because of unwarranted guilt. They were not acquainted with him and they certainly never conspired with him against the people of the Golden Leopard Valley. They were all innocent! He was enraged by the bullies, especially Martin.

To be honest, had Martin avenged his younger brother's death by attacking him directly, he would not have been so furious. The matter concerned him and Martin. The latter should not have involved innocent people's lives. He would never ever allow himself to let those people die for nothing.

Perhaps, that was what Ricky's righteousness was all about.

"Oh? Is that so? You detest me for doing that? Tell me, do you like it when other people rob your treasures? Tell me, do you like it when any member of your family get killed?" Martin scoffed at Ricky.

The former then raised his outstretched palm to caution Ricky from moving his lips. "Let me answer for you. You wouldn't like it and neither would I. If anyone dared to do those things, I would let him pay the price using any method possible!"

Martin's eyes gleamed with overwhelming fury.

"Well, I think you should also pay the price for hurting innocent people. Killing you is enough to them!" Ricky clapped back.

"Do you really think you can kill me? Others may see you as an ace genius, but I don't think your strength is enough. You are just a stepping stone to my advancement in the world of martial arts. You are not worthy enough to defeat me," Martin sneered.

"Just wait and see. Perhaps I can use you as my stepping stone!" Ricky said resolutely. Martin was just a common foe to him in the past. But right now, he was beginning to see him as a fierce competitor.

'It's exactly the right choice to become a member of the Oriental College. Indeed, there are countless dangers and enemies all the way through, but there are also geniuses that I can meet and compete against. The faster I make progress and become formidable, the sooner I can reach the base of the Phoenix tribe and rescue Grace, ' Ricky thought.

He was confident about facing all the difficulties that lay ahead.

Just as Ricky was about to exert his full powe

ie down.

After assuring Madeline, Ricky wasted no more time and opened up about the question that, as he was told by Martin, could be answered by the siblings.

"Could you tell me what Martin really meant by that?" Ricky asked hastily.

"I will tell you at the right time!" Samson said. "I've chosen to give you the information you need because I want to see you and Martin engage in a brutal, cutthroat battle.

Or, more specifically, I want to see both of you get wounded severely and taste humiliating defeat! I want you both to fight so hard that you both end up lying, writhing helplessly on the dirt while you gasp and beg for the last moments of your pathetic lives!"

"Samson, don't you dare talk like this! Have you forgotten how to judge fairly between what is moral and what is not?" Soar was clearly enraged by Samson's words.

If it were only up to him, Soar would have punched Samson hard and square right this second. But thankfully he had good self-control, as he still remembered that Samson was Madeline's cousin.

Meanwhile, however, Samson cared nothing about what Soar had said.

Soar opted to remain silent and restrain his urge to hit Samson. He knew how verbal or physical violence wouldn't help Samson and his sister settle the conflict.

"I get what you mean, but I want you to know who I really am," Ricky replied in a low and calm voice. He wasn't irritated or offended at all by Samson's words.

He had expected that Samson would be furious, and that he would utter harsh words the moment they get the chance to talk face to face. As it turned out, what Samson expressed earlier was much tamer and milder than what Ricky had in mind.

Ricky cared little about Samson's attitude towards him. Since Madeline was his friend and the siblings were her cousins, he had to be serious and tough enough to help solve the conflict they were facing at the moment.

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