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   Chapter 594 The Attack

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"Did you really think that my sister and I would wave a white flag and let ourselves be captured without even putting up a fight?" Samson asked shortly when he heard the conversation between Martin and Duncan.

Boom! As his voice trailed off, energy waves started to build up, enclosing their bodies. The next moment, the siblings moved quickly to start their attack.

Martin didn't think that their attack posed any serious threat to him. With a wave of his hand, the intense Golden Enlightenment spread out and neutralized the energy waves coming toward him from the attack.

Martin's counter attack didn't stop there, though. The Golden Enlightenment hit Samson and his sister hard; they fell onto the ground and were temporarily stunned.

"Samson, I suggest you giving up on this fight, because trying to win against me is futile. You two have already been severely wounded and can't even claim to be competent opponents any more. Your only hope lies in Ricky coming to your aid—that's the only way that you'll live another day,"

Martin said coldly.

Then, Martin turned over his palm, and with the snap of his fingers, two golden lights were inserted into their shoulders. The golden lights locked their shoulder blades into place. Neither of them could use their spiritual energy in that moment.

As their shoulders were paralyzed, both of them looked desperate and horrified.

"Ricky, in spite of your reputation as an ace genius, you'll die here too. I'm finally gonna avenge my brother's death." Martin seemed to be fantasizing about the end of Ricky's life, and his heart was swelled with excitement.

"Of course, I'll take whatever you have collected and gained after I kill you," he added as a big smile spread across his face.

At that moment, Martin failed to see the grim expression on Duncan's face.


There was a strange roar in the distance.

Several seconds later, a howling gale of red flames was flying directly towards Martin and his group.

Martin and Duncan were caught off guard by the sudden attack, and were frightened by its extreme power.

Without wasting any time to think or hesitate, they organized their defense, trying to resist the burst of flames.

An enormous fire snake that writhed and hissed came from inside the flames. It bared its sharp teeth and had its blood power readied for another attack. That forced Martin and his men to step backward in shock.

Needless to say, the fire snake was actually Soar.

The moment Ricky and his companions left the Virulent Sand Flow, they saw Martin and his group.

An airship was coming from t

Golden Enlightenment into his right leg.

Ricky responded speedily. Without any hesitation or reservation, he used his massacring power to its fullest extent. He stretched out his palm, and hit Martin's leg as it came at him.

An earsplitting sound was produced from the collision between the leg and the palm. Both of them felt shock and numbness racing through their bodies after hitting each other. They retreated back several steps, gasping as they were quickly regaining their strength for further attacks.

The shock and surprise in their eyes mirrored each other. Although it was their first time fighting against each other, they could already feel the formidable strength their opponents had.

"How could Ricky grow stronger so quickly? Since when has he mastered the power of a second-class middle spiritual king?" Martin just couldn't believe what he was perceiving as they fought.

Not long ago, he was told that Ricky's cultivation was inferior to a middle spiritual king.

"Did he really make such amazing progress in the past several months?" Martin was shocked by his own speculation. "It can't be true! It's just impossible! Even an ace genius wouldn't be able to do something like that."

At that very moment, as he thought about Ricky's horrible growth rate, Martin couldn't hide his murderous intention any longer. To prevent Ricky from becoming any stronger, he had to act recklessly and kill him there.

"This is another perilous battle, right?" Ricky forced a smile despite the grim situation.

He was also taken aback by Martin's and Duncan's power. In spite of being two geniuses from two spiritual-king forces, they could fight extremely well.

"Damn it! I shouldn't underestimate any geniuses!"

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