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   Chapter 593 Ricky's Involvement

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The outskirts of the Virulent Sand Flow were a naturally desolate land.

The only place where it was possible to produce the Massacring Sand and the Massacring Soil was at an extremely desolate and deserted Land of Legacy such as the Virulent Sand Flow.

Suddenly, two figures hurriedly passed through the desolate land. One of the figures was a good-looking man, while the other was a beautiful woman. In contrast to their charming faces, their robes were worn out and their bodies showed that they were in awful conditions. With every stride, they struggled to catch their breaths.

Judging by the scratches and marks all over their bodies, it was clear that they were both seriously injured.

"Brother, it's fine if you leave me alone now. With me dragging you down, it will be impossible for you to escape!" said the woman sadly yet firmly as she saw how her brother tried very hard to flee as far as he could while making sure she didn't get left behind.

"What nonsense are you talking about!? If I leave you here alone, how am I supposed to look our father in the eye once I reach him? I won't run away alone. Whatever happens, we must leave together!" The man scolded his sister upon hearing the absurdity of her words.

His face, ragged and somber with exhaustion though, was filled with his strong determination to make sure he and his sister would both make it out alive.

"Samson, Carley, I advise that you do not waste any more of your time and energy. As long as you hand that thing over to me, I promise not to kill you," a person said rather callously from behind.

"Ha-ha! And I, the future tribe leader, will bring you great joy, Carley!" another man said. Unlike the first one, his voice sounded livelier but cruder.

Soon, six figures altogether rushed towards the direction of the man and his sister. All the six figures were men in golden robes.

Ricky definitely knew one of the six men. It was Keith of the Golden Rhino tribe. During the selection, he was originally with the young master of the Heaven Palace.

However, after the young master's death, Keith used a spiritual space tool and ran away.

Since Keith was with them, there must be other members of the Golden Rhino tribe among the six young men. And that turned out to be true. Together with Keith, there were three young men with two golden horns on either sides of their heads. The horns symbolized the Golden Rhino tribe.

There were two men who, judging from their stance and temperament, seemed to be the leaders of the group. One of the men at the forefront of their group bore a younger appearance and a muscular figure. He appeared to be even stronger than Keith.

The other man had a thinner build. Nevertheless, his lean figure did not diminish the dominating and oppressive aura that surrounded him.

Sure enough, the two men were both second-class middle spiritual kings, w

cky comes," Martin Jin said while resisting the strong urge to kill.

His murderous intent was aimed at Ricky. He didn't really care much about Samson and his sister.

"Martin, I think as long as you capture Samson, Ricky will surely come for him. That said...can you leave his sister—Carley—to me?" the young man of the Golden Rhino tribe whispered to the seething man beside him. His golden eyes glanced at Samson.

"Duncan, I'm sorry but not now," Martin Jin answered, shaking his head.

"What are you talking about? Why are you so reluctant to grant me this simple wish? Why can't you just let me have this woman?" Duncan Jin protested. He was extremely disappointed that Martin Jin refused to grant his request.

"It's not that I'm reluctant to let you have what you want," Martin Jin clarified. "Now's just not the right time for that. Besides, it has been agreed that no one is allowed to harm both siblings before Ricky appears.

If our parties end up in a dispute because you insist what you want, then there is nothing else I can do about it."

At first, Duncan Jin gave Martin Jin a sullen look. But after realizing that Martin Jin did have a solid point, his gloominess was instantly replaced by a calm and collected feeling. His glum expression upturned into a smile.

Duncan Jin had to tolerate his disappointment and avoid engaging into an argument with Martin Jin. Martin Jin still had in his possession an item that he gravely needed.

"You said it, Martin! So let's make a deal. The moment Ricky shows up, you should hand over that woman to me!" Duncan Jin couldn't control the hint of lust in his grin.

Martin Jin noticed the change in Duncan Jin's expression, but he decided to ignore it. He opted to reciprocate Duncan Jin's ecstatic mood with a light smile. "Thank you for understanding me, Duncan. This time, our cooperation will surely not lead to any losses. You can count on that."

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