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   Chapter 592 Progressed Respectively

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"Maybe that's the only possibility," Terrence nodded. "Every force reveals some geniuses in public but also purposely conceals some for their advantage. And usually, those are the strongest."

"It seems that Henry's real identity is hidden by himself and the Bing Clan," Madeline said.

"But Ricky, I don't think Henry is purposely concealed by the Bing Clan. As what I heard from the conversion between Henry and Justin, they might have reached some sort of consensus," Soar said with disagreement.

"He said that maybe we would meet again and have a do-or-die fight at the Land of Legacy," Ricky said in a low voice.

The powerful Sandy Mutant of Henry still impressed Ricky, though it had already been a while since Henry left. Ricky knew very clearly that Henry would be the biggest threat to him whether in or out of the Land of Legacy.

"Well, let it go. We'll take defensive measures according to the actual situation. Now let's wait for these fourth-level Glazed Fruits to mature. I can't believe there are actually four for us. Ha-ha!" Ricky couldn't help but smile. He put aside all his worries as he looked at the maturing Glazed Fruits.

"Ha-ha!" Everyone couldn't help but laugh after hearing what he said.

Laughing was a good way to relax after a fierce and stressful battle.

The only thing left for them to do was to wait for the Glazed Fruits to fully mature. All of them wished for time to go faster or for their growth to require less time.

After all, the longer they waited here, the bigger the chance that they were missing valuable opportunities.

Fortunately, it just took them ten days to get the four fourth-level Glazed Fruits.

The moment the Glazed Fruits matured, the entire Vitality Land was filled with a smell of purest energy from heaven and earth. It seems that any creature who inhaled just a little bit of it could add a hundred years to their life.

The smell also attracted many ruin beasts.

But Ricky and his companions never feared any ruin beasts. Those beasts were nothing but a source of Virulent Sandy Cores to them.

Apart from its stunning glazing color, a ripe Glazed Fruit contained four glazed lines which were markings of it being a

ore evil spirit than before. Although it was a drop of bucket, Tina's situation eventually got better and better.

The days slipped away.

Two months later, Soar and the other two accomplished their cultivation and their powers were strengthened significantly.

Soar was now a second-class middle spiritual king and so was Terrence. But Terrence was stronger than Soar.

Madeline even made a breakthrough and become a middle spiritual king from a lower spiritual king.

It was the fourth-level Glazed Fruit that enabled those creatures at the innate spirit level to breakthrough in a short period of time without any side effects.

Apart from a stronger power, some changes also happened in their bodies—they were now immune to any kind of toxins. No toxin could harm them unless it was at the King Level.


"We are so lucky! We spent two months in the deathly Virulent Sand Flow and reached higher levels of our cultivations," Terrence sighed when he felt the powerful energy surging through his body.

"Yeah," Soar agreed.

When they fell into the Virulent Sand Flow, nothing but only death and the desire to escape were in their minds.

No one had expected such an amazing experience.

"The Virulent Sand Flow is no longer a place of opportunity for any of us. Let's leave here as soon as we could to find other opportunities. We still need to find the Massacring Sand and the Massacring Soil,"

Ricky said with even greater expectations.

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