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   Chapter 591 Henry's Compromise

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Transforming into a human, Henry stared blankly on the ground with a gloomy look on his face.

Henry still couldn't believe what happened in front him. He thought that he was undeterred by failures and was good at keeping his cool in times of crisis. He thought that he was able to appear composed despite the immense pressure he was under. But after the battle, he started to wonder whether he had been misjudging himself, he was beginning to think that perhaps he was not as potent as he thought he was.

During the fierce battle, Henry was totally dumbfounded by Ricky's overwhelming strength. A feeling of sheer panic took over him as his confidence was badly shaken.

After being lost in thought for a few seconds, he soon regained his composure. Although he had an outward appearance of calmness, he still couldn't fully recover from the shock.

"What kind of skill was that? I'm not sure if my eyes were fooling me but I think I saw you turn into an invisible storm and then teleport away. Even the burying force wouldn't have been enough to stop you," Terrence asked curiously with a serious look on his face.

He was very impressed by the powerful strength and martial skill shown by Ricky. After the battle, he came to a realization that Ricky was indeed a rare genius in the world of martial arts. He had to admit that Ricky still had a few tricks of unexpected strength up his sleeve.

One thing Terrence was certain of was that Henry would not stand against Ricky if the former didn't possess the Sandy Mutant.

"Shit! How did he even do it? It seems to me that he didn't use the spiritual space tool at all. His teleportation skill probably evolved from some secret martial skill. How was he able to learn such potent skill?" Justin gave out a roar as he clenched his fists.

"Since you had treated me similarly before, I decided to give you a taste of your own medicine. Do you have any problem with that?" Ricky coldly asked.

"No." Henry's voice burst out with a dominant aura exuding from within him. He didn't try to deny what he had done to Ricky. Seeing Ricky's smug face, Henry had a strong urge to hit him in the face but circumstances wouldn't allow it.

It suddenly hit Henry that losing the battle to Ricky might be the least of his worries. Because he clearly knew that Ricky didn't consume any of his energy when he used the last powerful skill. So it probably meant there was no limit in Ricky's strength whenever he summoned his skills. He was almost unbeatable in combat.

In that case, even if Henry used his Sandy Mutant, it still wouldn't do anything. No matter how potent his skill was, it was virtually impossible to defeat Ricky. If he continued to fight, he would be confronted by a very serious dilemma and might even face risks of serious danger.

"Do you want to continue the battle?" asked Ricky with a faint smile on his face.

"Of course not," Henry unwillingly replied. "I will leave with them and I hope that you will not stop us. If we were to keep on fighting like that, both of us would only suffer great losses."

"Henry, I can't belie


He then cast a cold stare at the four people who were standing beside him and said, "Let's go. But if you wish to die in this place, you are free to stay."

Henry left immediately after saying those words.

Staring at Henry's back, the four men stood in silence. They reluctantly looked at the Glazed Fruits before leaving in a hurry. Although they were desperate to get the Glazed Fruits, they would prefer not to risk their lives.

"Ricky, why did we just let them leave?" Soar asked in confusion after Henry and his men left. "After all, it was probably our first and last chance to kill the four people from the Bing Clan."

"The opportunity has not arrived yet. If I aggravated Henry, both sides would've suffered great losses from the battle." Ricky patiently explained the reasons behind his decision. "Moreover, he has given up the Glazed Fruits. There's no point in taking unnecessary risks."

He paused for a moment and continued, "To be completely honest, with our current strength, defeating the four people from the Bing Clan wouldn't have been much of a trouble. Completed spiritual kings and cultivators of higher ranks are major threats to the stability of our region."

"Ricky is right. It was the best outcome that we could've had under the circumstances," Terrence echoed as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Well, I see. I hope that we could give the four people from the Bing Clan a good kick next time we meet them in the Land of Legacy. And I hope that Henry will not be with them to protect their asses," Soar replied as he clenched his fists.

"Terrence, do you know Henry?" Ricky asked and gave him a confused look. "Since he has the Sandy Mutant, I think there is a good chance that he is a household figure in the world of martial arts."

"No, I've never heard of him. And I've never heard that someone had the Sandy Mutant in the Eastern Land," Terrence replied in a deep voice.

"Really? Could he be a hidden genius from a powerful force?" Ricky stroked his chin as he wondered about Henry's real origins.

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