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   Chapter 590 You Can't Hurt Me

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The moment Henry's Five-element Quicksand Flower clashed with Ricky's Massacring Shield, the whole Vitality Land was filled with an ear-splitting sound. From where they stood, strong air waves could be seen reverberating simultaneously.

Due to the strong impact caused by the air ripples, Soar, Justin and all the other warriors who bore witness to the ongoing fight between Henry and Ricky had to retreat quickly. The impact was not powerful enough to harm them, but its force was definitely making them feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, the area where Ricky and Henry were fighting had completely been covered by the seemingly endless ripples of air. Thus, none of the audience could see who had won. They had to wait until the strong waves of air dispersed completely.

Despite that, all of the witnesses to the intense battle that took place found it difficult to tear their eyes off the fighting area.

As the incessant ripples slowly subsided, the two warriors could finally be seen. It was only then that they discovered Henry did not sustain any damage at all. It turned out that Ricky hadn't attacked him at all. The former knew that Henry had the Sandy Mutant at his disposal, which could help him recover from any form of injuries.

No matter how hard Ricky tried, he couldn't hurt Henry. Not even a scratch could be made. Thus, he thought it would be better for him to concentrate on his defense.

Looking at how Ricky was left unscathed by Henry's immense attack, he proved that he had made the right decision. His strong defense was what enabled him to stand in his position safely, firmly and still brimming with energy. His Massacring Shield, which was in front of him, bore a few traces of light and smoke. Other than that, it exhibited zero signs of any crack or scratch.

A golden light gleamed in Ricky's eyes and the Massacring Shield faded bit by bit.

"You didn't suffer the slightest injury!" Henry snarled. For what seemed like the first time for Henry, he exhibited a bit of fury in his countenance.

However, Henry was experienced and smart enough not to allow his emotions to take control. He naturally remained composed, even after the disappointing result of their earth-shaking collision.

"I've told you, haven't I? I can't beat you." Ricky's eyes shone with a little glint of victory. "But you can't hurt me, either." Ricky made sure that his voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

If only he could, Ricky really wanted to make Henry taste a humiliating defeat. But since they had very little difference in strength, Ricky and his four zones would still be no match against Henry's Sandy Mutant. It would be futile for him to exhaust all of his offensive strategies.

The only possible solution he could think of was to activate a zone dedicated to restraining quicksand within his regained spiritual meridian. It seemed like an all-too perfect plan. Yet, to be able to achieve that was akin to a child's daydream for Ricky.

"Do you really think that my Sandy Mutant can't hurt you?" Reluctantly, Henry grumbled in an effort to suppress his annoyance. There was a sudden change in his mood after Henry was at the receiving end of Ricky's arrog

s entire body and meanwhile, he also communicated with his Devourer Zone using his mind.

Before the massive waves of quicksand swept over him, Ricky transformed himself into the Devouring Storm quickly.

Unlike before, the Devouring Storm was not used for attacks. Instead, he activated it to avoid being touched or harmed by the quicksand. This was the reason why Ricky had mysteriously communicated with his Devourer Zone.

With a loud, crushing sound, Henry's endless quicksand that bore a wicked burying force, poured down and drowned the Devouring Storm.

Everybody in the audience thought it was already the end for Ricky.

They were wrong. Ricky's Devouring Storm appeared, floating above them.

Everyone was baffled. What really happened was that before the quicksand touched and drowned the Devouring Storm, Ricky went directly into the Devourer Zone and came out from another rip in space.

The move was so advanced, and it was another incredible manifestation of Ricky's four zones.

Ricky had earned the Omnipotent Skill—one that had been obtained from the four zones. The Omnipotent Skill let the user enter his zones directly and be released in another space.

Of course, Ricky could choose to hide in his zones and not come out until the end of the fight.

But, today was not the perfect time for that. In order for him to deceive the public and convince everyone that he had uncovered another new stunning skill, he left his zone immediately.

"How is that possible?" That was the unified and bewildered thought that Justin, Terrence, Madeline and the rest of the Bing Clan had. It was a challenge to keep their jaws from dangling wide open after what they had just witnessed.

Only Soar, who regarded Ricky as his elder brother, understood a little bit of Ricky's skill. He was the only one who was not surprised.

The shock left the rest of the audience more eager to guess what was about to transpire next.

Henry did not launch another wave of attack after Ricky exhibited his so-called newfound skill. The audience began to notice that the massive waves of quicksand were gradually receding.

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