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   Chapter 589 The Sandy Mutant And Its Power

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8378

Updated: 2019-11-30 00:02

The Ruin Holy Fire contained massive ruin power. Its power had the potential to deprive creatures of their vitality. It was precisely this ability that made the Ruin Holy Fire rank higher than all the other types of holy fires. There was almost no holy fire that could suppress its tenacious power.

However, his Ruin Holy Fire was currently being suppressed by another fire of the same attribute. Henry could only think of one other possibility.

There was no mistaking it—it must be the Ruin Fire!

'The Ruin Fire! How did he possess it?' Henry somberly thought to himself.

He suddenly came to realize that it was silly of him to reckon Ricky's power by comparing his abilities to that of an ordinary warrior's. How could he forget that Ricky was a prominent ace genius!

"Now, that makes you worthy of being my opponent," Henry murmured to himself.

Ricky's Ruin Fire had left such a strong impact on him that he finally began to recognize Ricky as a formidable rival.

While he was in a daze, his Fiery Sandy Punch was no match against the attack of Ricky's Flame Torrent. The latter's Flame Torrent broke through his Fiery Sandy Punch effortlessly, which then crashed heavily on his chest.

Henry was not even able to put up a defense. Still, he managed to flash a smile at his foe, as though he had everything under control.

But, before he could even prepare a counterattack, a torrent of flame directly pierced through his body and left an awfully large wound on his chest.

Strangely, however, there was no blood that flowed out from the wound. Henry used his sand power to quickly patch up his wound and recover in a matter of seconds.

Everyone was left speechless and dumbfounded after witnessing how Henry effortlessly healed himself with sand.

Gasping at his sudden discernment, Terrence exclaimed, ''The Sandy Mutant! Now I am finally starting to understand its true power and potential.'' He was finally able to overcome the shock of his discovery and return to his senses.

Henry had the ability to transform all of the tissues in his body into the quicksand. Thus, with the power of the Sandy Mutant at his side, it explained why he would not be afraid of any physical attack.

''What incredible power the Sandy Mutant possesses! How on earth did it end up in Henry's hands and not in mine? I don't understand this absurdity!'' Justin was unable to hide the envy and indignation that resided deep within his heart.

''If only I had the might of the Sandy Mutant,

peared to be a flower. The Five-element Quicksand Flower wasted no more second and attacked Ricky ferociously with its ruin power.

''Five-element Quicksand, attack!"

As Henry's Five-element Quicksand Flower neared him, Ricky sensed a strong aura similar to that of his Chaotic Fire Zone's Chaotic Fire Skill. It possessed a tinge of primitive power.

It was not surprising how the five elements easily merged into a combined force of primitive power while encased within the supreme enlightenment. It simply justified why Henry's attack also contained such primitive power.

''Let's get started, then! I am also eager to see whether your Five-element Quicksand can defeat my Golden Body or not.'' Ricky's firm resolution echoed in every word he uttered.

Next, he manipulated the massacring runes so that they merged with the first level of Ultimate Golden Body and boosted its power. After all the days of harnessing and cultivating, Ricky had cultivated his first level of Ultimate Golden Body from the initial state to the minor achievement.

Now, his Ultimate Golden Body was capable of completely defending against the mighty attack that was launched by Henry, a second-class middle spiritual king.

Not to mention, Ricky also had three other kinds of runes that amplified the protection he had for his body.

'''Golden Body—Massacring Shield!'' Ricky roared, his arms crossed and his feet rooted in the air as though it were an ancient tree. The four runic power circled around him then transformed into a giant shield.

Boom! Henry's Five-element Quicksand Flower collided heavily with Ricky's shield that was formed using his massacring energy.

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