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   Chapter 588 The Sandy Mutant

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Boom! Right after Ricky finished speaking, he enhanced the energy of the devouring power to its maximum capability. The devouring runes turned into countless swirling windstorms at once. They began to rip through Henry's Virulent Dragon Fist and absorbed its toxin.

Noticing that Ricky's devouring runes had started absorbing the toxin from his attack, Henry withdrew his fist at once. He didn't even have time to think about what had happened before he stopped his attacks and drew back.

The toxin of the Virulent Dragon Fist was where its power came from. Without the toxin, it was just a regular punch. Henry knew that he would hardly be able to hurt Ricky with such a punch. As the toxin was absorbed by Ricky's devouring runes, Henry realized that Ricky had successfully dissolved his move.

Boom! Boom! As Henry was backing away, Ricky easily fended off his attacks.

However, since Ricky didn't know his opponent very well, he didn't go on the offensive right away. One could never be too careful. Ricky had never met someone with the Sandy Mutant, so before he found out more about Henry's mutant, he decided that he couldn't afford to launch another attack.

"You're very cautious of my Sandy Mutant, aren't you? If you had launched an attack just then, who knows, I might have gotten injured. That would have been a perfect moment for you to come at me," Henry said in a serious tone as he steadied himself.

He was very surprised that Ricky wasn't afraid of his toxin at all.

"Yes. I don't know anything about your Sandy Mutant, and it's my first time to hearing about that kind of mutant," Ricky admitted. He had nothing to hide.

He knew that not knowing his opponent was the only weak point of him in such a battle.

"You're really cautious," Henry commented with a faint smile on his face. "In fact, even if you had attacked me just then, you wouldn't have hurt me."

"I knew it," Ricky said upon hearing what Henry said.

He thought that there was no need for Henry to lie to him, and his intuition was also telling him that it wouldn't be easy to injure him because of his Sandy Mutant.

'The Sandy Mutant. What is its specialty?' Ricky wondered, frowning.

"It seems that you're dying to get to learn more about my Sandy Mutant. Hahaha! Let me show you i

t Skill—Flame Torrent!" Without any hesitation, Ricky shouted and activated his own skills.

The next moment, Ricky's whole body turned completely gold and the chaotic fire runes circled around him. Fusing with the chaotic fire runes, he turned into a torrent of flame and flew towards Henry's Fiery Sandy Punch.

The color of the torrent of flame was yellow, just like the color of the Ruin Fire.

Boom! Boom!

In the next moment, the two strikes collided with each other. It created such a powerful thud that reverberated throughout the space around them.

The sandy punch covered with the Ruin Holy Fire formed into the shape of giant mouth. It flew towards the torrent of flame and tried to bite Ricky's body. All of a sudden, the power of the Ruin Fire surged up to its peak and the Ruin Holy Fire seemed to be suppressed at once. It seemed that the Ruin Holy Fire had suddenly lost its power.

"What's wrong?" Henry couldn't help but shout. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Since the Ruin Holy Fire had been touching his body as they fought, he could feel the sudden change at once.

"What? The ruin power of that fire is much more powerful than that of the Ruin Holy Fire. I can't believe it. It seems that the Ruin Holy Fire is nothing compared to it," Henry mumbled in distress and disbelief. He couldn't help but keep staring at the Ruin Fire as he tried to figure out what had happened.

Suddenly, Henry's eyes popped open in astonishment. It seemed that he had figured out the reason after some thought.

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