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   Chapter 587 Toxin Has No Effect On Me

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10067

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The end of Henry's sentence was punctuated by a slow, rolling heat. Particles of sand swept up with the air, obscuring his body from view until the hazy image created a mirage. Henry looked as though he had turned into a pool of reddish-brown sand. His figure exuded an aura of lifelessness, ruin, and authority.

"Everybody says that you are an ace genius with a strong body. Today, please impress me with it!" Henry's eyes narrowed menacingly as he spoke to Ricky. A dark scarlet cascaded over the black of his pupils.

The crack of thunder punctured the air as though a sudden chill collided with the heat.

Upon hearing Henry's provocative words, Ricky moved instantaneously. He launched the first level of Ultimate Golden Body. As if disturbed by the massacring power of the movement, the wind around him whined in protest.

Honed as he was by endless battles, Ricky's intuition told him Henry was different. He was out of the ordinary, and Ricky could sense danger lurking beneath the calm front. His jaw clenched from anticipation. The excitement in his bones pushed him to rush the fight, striking first with the massacring power and holding nothing back. They traded blows, but he couldn't keep pace with Henry. Eventually, he found himself with his arms up to shield his face and torso, forced into a defensive position.

"Is this the first level of Ultimate Golden Body?" Henry was pensive as he stroked his chin with a hand. His eyes took careful note of Ricky's form and stance. There was a note of disinterest in his voice as though he'd known of the Ultimate Golden Body and had seen the cultivation method before.

Without hesitation, Henry began spewing intense energy of ruin from his body, which rapidly turned into a layer of reddish-brown sand and enveloped him completely. By the second, Henry looked like a warrior clad in reddish-brown robe.

Ricky tensed, appraising the new development in his opponent. With the aid of the four zones inside his body, he could sense that the reddish-brown sand had greatly fortified Henry's body.

They stared each other down, each painfully aware of the other's smallest movements. Both of them eager to fight as the tension built between them. In sync, they both leaped up into the air and struck each other with a decisive blow.

In a moment, hundreds of rays of golden light filled the sky along with a clanging. Their fists, radiating golden and reddish-brown power respectively, collided with each other. When their energies met, the earth bent to their will, wracked with shock waves and an intense brightness, blinding whoever saw it from below. Vulnerable to the disaster they created, they both recoiled from the impact. Each warrior took a dozen steps back on the shaking ground before they managed to plant their feet in the grass.

The sound of someone clicking their tongue in distaste pervaded the atmosphere before it was drowned out by the continuing fight. Ricky and Henry ran wildly at each other. They bounded toward each

ring runes. The two rune types fused instantly and formed a powerful strike.

"Massacring Magic Fist!"

Golden light swept through the air, forming into a huge fist as it powered through. It clashed with Henry's Virulent Dragon Fist, creating a light show in the sky.

"How foolishly bold you are! My Virulent Dragon Fist is highly venomous. A single collision would mean certain death." A bark of laughter escaped Henry's lips as he watched the sparks come from their attacks. He made no move to strengthen his attack, confident in its potency.

"I'm telling you, although my toxin looks the same as the nerve in the Virulent Sand Flow, there's a fundamental difference between their toxic effects."

"Are you sure about that? If so, I would like to try a taste," Ricky joked back with the same assertiveness.

"Does Ricky not fear my toxin?" Henry muttered to himself. To be met with aplomb felt like having the rug tugged from underfoot. Doubt set in as to whether the other man had more tricks up his sleeves.

After all, Henry had earlier been firmly convinced that Ricky wasn't a trickster of any sort.


The explosive nature of their battle interrupted Henry's thoughts.

There was little else Henry could do, now that he was in the thick of things. Try as he could to concentrate on their continuing fistfight, he felt the desperation in the pit of his stomach. With an unbidden frenzy, he dispatched the toxin into Ricky's body. He wanted to be rid of it immediately.

To his surprise, at the most crucial moment, Ricky's devouring runes rocketed up and began absorbing the toxin with the same frenzied speed.

"Who would have thought this could happen? It turns out that your scarlet runes have unexpectedly finished my toxin off," Henry exclaimed incredulously. His eyes widened as he watched the menacing toxin seep into Ricky's body with the obedience of a pet coming home.

"Any type of toxin doesn't affect me," Ricky growled and bared his teeth, threateningly.

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