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   Chapter 585 Implacable Heaven's Killing

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The ice barely took notice of Justin's heft.

Standing in mid-air with two trails of Ultimate Ice Domains beneath his feet, Justin stared ahead with a blank but dangerous look in his eyes.

The Ice Enlightenment was swirling all around him like dense white smoke with a mind of its own. It slowly gathered behind him, forming a cold, giant shadow. Then, thunder clapped.

Boom! Boom! Menacing cold started enveloping the room, but Justin did not seem to notice. The shadow towered over him now, crouching behind him as if awaiting orders. The trails of Ultimate Ice Domains he was standing on started growing and expanding as if preparing an entire cold, white floor in mid-air for their master to walk upon.

Ricky could only stare at how powerful Justin had become. "The ruinous thunderbolt. I can't believe it," he said quietly. Justin's Ice Enlightenment had always been powerful, and it felt familiar to Ricky now, but something was off.

"You're right, bro. It is the ruinous thunderbolt," Soar agreed.

Thunder clapped once again, but this time, it felt like it shook the earth to its core.

Its crippling sound echoed in the space as Soar's voice trailed off. Behind Justin's ice shadow, dozens of purple thunderbolts were flashing.

Then, they started descending upon Justin, filling him with every ounce of their devastating power.

From a blank but dangerous stare, Justin's eyes shifted and turned opaque white and then opaque black. His ice shadow and purple thunderbolts were now mingling carelessly in and around him, complete natural opposites engaged in a perilous dance. Everyone in the room watched as Justin surpassed the power of a third-class middle spiritual king.

Now, he was commanding the power of a second-class middle spiritual king.

"Justin has truly lived up to his glorious reputation. Combining the power of ice and thunder is dangerous, but he did it. He has become a master of two natures," Ricky said.

"He is now wielding double enlightening powers. This must be his trump card," Soar replied. "With the two enlightening powers, Justin's strength is equal to that of a second-class middle spiritual king."

"Terrence hasn't realized the seriousness of the situation he's in. He seems to be confident about himself," Ricky sighed, casting a glance at Terrence. "I wonder which kind of killing sword he will use to deal with Justin."


hugging the earth.


The earsplitting sound of the crash reverberated through the space. Ice and thunder exploded into a dense cloud of death and floated to every corner.

The space was covered in cold, electric dust.

When the smoke cleared, Terrence's sword emerged from the frozen ruin, and there, in all the icy rubble, lay the defeated Justin.

There was nothing left for him. Blood was gushing out of his mouth and nose.

He was defeated completely and beaten hard. The desperation was profound in his eyes. However, he was stubborn and experienced in countless battles. He once again condensed the double enlightening powers and produced a shield out of ice and thunder before his vulnerable body.

He had done everything but still failed.

His most effective attacks had failed against Terrence's power. An improvised shield would not protect him now.

Even if it would, it would only be for a brief moment.

Terrence was really good at killing. He was one of the best killers of his generation. He could not allow Justin to survive this battle, and so, he raised his sword over Justin's heart.

"Terrence is about to win, and the Glazed Fruit will be ours," Ricky said with a big smile on his face.

In truth, Ricky had not expected Terrence to win with what Justin showed at the beginning, but he was happy all the same for his companion.

"We underestimated Terrence. What big fools we were. It's no wonder Jasper admired him," Soar sighed.


"I won't die! You can't kill me!" Justin roared at Terrence, his body trembling with anger and desperation.

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