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   Chapter 584 Terrence Versus Justin

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"So, are you getting irritated? This is the true nature of geniuses who are extremely vain like you," Terrence responded indifferently as he heard Justin's murderous words. He was actually strong in every aspect, even in using the power of words to toy with his enemies. He knew very well how to manipulate their mood and by playing games with their minds.

"In your hearts, you only think that you are the strongest and the best. But in fact, you can't accept any form of failure or the fact that you may be weaker than others. You may pretend to be strong on the surface, but you are coward deep inside," Terrence added slowly.

"Terrence has a sharp tongue indeed. And he is really good at forming these arguments. What he said just now is a really good attempt to beat Justin up with his words!" Ricky talked to Soar through their telepathic link when he heard what Terrence had said to Justin. As their audience, Ricky and Soar now felt very lucky that Terrence was on their side.

"Precisely! He usually looks cold and indifferent. I didn't expect him to be capable of being sharp-tongued. I have to be careful if I ever need to deal with him in the future; otherwise, I will be drowned in a river of emotions if I let his sharp words get through me," Soar responded. He even began to feel sympathy towards their enemy Justin.

"However, Justin, as a young master of the Bing Clan, is also very talented. I guess he wouldn't be that vulnerable and would not be easily defeated by a few sharp words!" Ricky analyzed as his eyes narrowed. After having a lot of fights with many different warriors, he gradually gained more understanding of the characters of all kinds of warriors. He learned to understand their minds better.

His analysis was correct. As soon as Terrence finished speaking, Justin burst out in laughter. He didn't seem irritated at all. He then questioned flatly, "Terrence, did you actually think that my anger and heart would be dominated by your empty words?"

"Well, they obviously cannot!" Terrence responded indifferently again. He didn't seem to care enough whether his words had irritated his opponent or not.

"It's hella annoying to look at your cold face all the time!" Justin snarled as he saw Terrence's nonchalant look once again.

The next moment, Justin no longer spoke but instead launched his attacks without any further delay. Everything that annoyed him was about to be destroyed by him.

Snap! Snap! The cracking sound rang out abruptly. Meanwhile, countless pieces of huge ice showed up and surrounded Justin. Their shape was the same as the Ice Mace in his hand.

"Ice Frozen Skill—Frozen by Mace!" Justin roared to summon his skill.

At the same time, he waved the Ice Mace to move along with his entire body. The moment he rose to the sky, he threw out his weapon violently.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The next second, the frozen ice shards that condensed behind him instantly shot towards Terrence.

During the shooting process, the piece

ey looked like a mess with bruises all over their bodies.

Clang! They collided with each other once again. This time, they were forced to retreat back after the impact. After their endless times of collision, they finally got a little tired.

Justin, looking at the indifferent Terrence who was still filled with infinite killing intent, snarled ferociously, "Damn it! I didn't expect you to be strong enough to break my Ultimate Ice Domain!"

Justin's attacks just now were the best he could do in an attempt to kill Terrence. Yet, even after all his best effort, they still ended up having a pretty even fight.

But the fact was that before the battle began, he didn't regard him as his match at all. In his mind, Terrence was nobody and he only heard of him because he was from the same tribe as the famous Cameron, the head of the Weapon Casting Department at the Oriental College.

"You can't break my attacks only because you think too highly of yourself," Terrence said coldly and calmly. "If you have such a low level of strength, what makes you think you are qualified to fight Ricky?"

'What? Could my previous feelings about Terrence be wrong? Earlier, he made me feel that he was already trapped in his bloody killing intent. But judging from his tone now, it seems that he was not blinded by his bloody killing intent at all!' Ricky thought with great puzzlement after hearing Terrence's words. Obviously, Terrence had a very clear mind.

"Tina, what do you currently think about Terrence?" Ricky asked Tina at once. Since Tina had more insights into all kinds of martial arts, he wanted to hear a second opinion.

"It seems that the kind of bloody killing arts he cultivated is different from others'," Tina said slowly with hints of uncertainty. Her puzzlement was no less than Ricky's.

Keeping their doubts in mind, they decided to watch the two warriors' fight more closely.

"Is that so? Then let me show you how qualified I truly am," Justin hissed angrily.

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