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   Chapter 583 Terrence's Showtime

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"I just said that you overestimated your strength, didn't I? It is absolutely impossible for anyone whom I have already defeated before to eventually surpass me and defeat me in the future. The ability gap between those losers and I will continue to widen infinitely and you will always be one of those losers. Got it?" Soar shook his right fist to relax a little as he sneered. While speaking, he stared at Louie, who was slumped on the ground. He had a look of embarrassment and disappointment.

The other three members of the Bing Clan just stood there, paralyzed by what just happened.

Maybe they had predicted Louie's defeat but they certainly never expected him to be defeated so soon and so completely.

This was far from a serious battle between two warriors. It was merely an utter joke showing how an ant tried to topple a giant tree—Louie was bound for defeat the moment he overestimated his own strength and underestimated Soar's.

After getting himself together, Justin began looking at Louie with scorn when he realized Louie's crushing defeat severely tarnished the reputation of the Bing Clan.

If a warrior was defeated by a new opponent for the first time, it was reasonable and forgivable because failure wasn't very surprising if they knew little about the their opponent's strength.

However, if a warrior was defeated by the same opponent for the second time and in such an ignominious way, what else could it possibly say about him? It only proved how much of a loser he really was.

"By the way, don't expect to live any further once I defeat you for the second time," Soar threatened. The aura of the Flame Enlightenment began exuding from his body once again which showed that he was about to kill Louie without any hesitation.

Soar didn't want to let go of this opportunity to kill Louie, because he knew so well that the Bing Clan deliberately caused trouble for Ricky and himself all the time.

Just when Soar was about to kill Louie, Justin stepped forward and launched the Ice Punch towards Soar. Clearly, he had no plans of letting Soar kill Louie.

Under Justin's attack, Soar was forced to move a few heavy steps back. Obviously, Soar's strength wasn't powerful enough to defeat Justin just yet.

"Soar, let me fight this time. Now that we have them within our grasp, it's time to give the Bing Clan what they rightfully deserve. They have been secretly trying to assassinate us for a long time and there's no way I would let them get away with their evil deeds," Ricky he told Soar resolutely as he held out his right hand to help Soar steady himself.

Hearing what Ricky said, Soar nodded and agreed to let Ricky fight. He knew Justin was much more powerful than himself. He didn't have to pretend to be bold and strong in front of Ricky and Madeline. It would only be a waste of time because they were his close friends and they knew him very

he intended to use as a counterattack against the fierce ice thorns.

Boom! A loud crash resounded through the entire area.

Justin and Terrence were both thrown a few steps back due to the strong reactive thrusts caused by the percussion of their weapons.

At that moment, Justin's terrifying and murderous eyes began to turn gloomy.

Terrence's strength was way beyond his expectations.

In the Oriental College, he was an inner disciple while Terrence was merely an outer disciple ranked sixth.

'Has he been hiding his real strength in the Oriental College this entire time?' Justin thought to himself in great surprise.

'It is more likely that Terrence has made great progress these past few days. Or maybe he has been more than a third-class middle spiritual king all this time!' Ricky thought as he tried to understand what was happening right in front of him.

His intuition told him that Terrence hadn't exerted his full strength. In addition, he could also feel that the Killing Swordsmanship that Terrence practiced was the most original swordsmanship of any kind. He had never seen anything like it before.

'Terrence, I hope I get to see your full exertion of your Killing Swordsmanship before all of this ends, '

Ricky thought expectantly.

"You may be able to exert such potent power, but you are still merely an outer disciple ranked sixth! What a great surprise! I guess I was wrong to underestimate your strength," Justin said loudly as he spun his mace slowly.

"Do you really think that I care about the ranking? Maybe only vain people like you would care about that," Terrence responded in a flat tone.

"For me, the so-called ranking has nothing to do with anyone's real strength. Now I think I may have overestimated you, the so-called genius of the Bing Clan."

"How dare you speak to me like that! You're saying this to court death, aren't you?" Justin snarled in a deep voice.

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