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   Chapter 582 A Small World

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8794

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The fourth-level Glazed Fruit was an invaluable treasure for the innate spiritual kings. It was extremely difficult for them to get even just a single piece of the fruit because it required countless essence from the heaven and earth for it to mature.

Terrence's deduction was right. It was probable that the fourth-level Glazed Fruit had devoured all the vitality in this area, thus transforming it into the Virulent Sand Flow.

''I hope the fourth-level Glazed Fruit does exist in this desolated land. If it does, then I'll consider myself lucky to have been transported to the Virulent Sand Flow, '' Ricky said expectantly. He cast his eyes onto the Vitality Land before them.

''Let's go and find out!'' Soar, too, felt very excited at the possibility.

Thus, Ricky and his companions wasted no more time and hurriedly marched towards their target destination.

Ricky placed the Virulent Sandy Crocodile into the Chaotic Fire Zone. He still needed the creature to lead the way out of the Virulent Sand Flow after they explored the Vitality Land.

''Ricky, I have sensed auras of life that do not belong to the ruin beasts," Soar whispered the moment they arrived at the Vitality Land.

''I have sensed them too. There must be someone else here, '' Ricky agreed. He and Soar shared the same instincts and so they decided to be extra cautious.

Even Terrence and Madeline couldn't help but feel the said auras as well. The two nodded their heads slightly in agreement.

''I guess that there were also other creatures who were transported into the Virulent Sand Flow with us through the gateway. But they were lucky enough to have landed on the Vitality Land, to begin with, '' Ricky deduced.

They gave each other a quick glance before they headed for the direction where the other living creatures were present.

Figuring out that it was already too late to do it, they opted not to conceal their auras. Anyway, the other creatures might have also already sensed their existences.

Upon their arrival, Ricky and his companions instantly sensed how the mysterious attractive force had mysteriously disappeared. This meant two possibilities: One was that they were probably able to fly in the air, and the other was that they might have cut open a portal in space.

''I know the world is enormous, and that's why we shouldn't be surprised at all. The attractive force was omnipresent outside the Vitality Land, but it was completely gone the moment we entered this area, '' Ricky sighed softly.

''Given our current state, the power of heaven and earth are too mysterious for us to be able to comprehend. Pe

red to him. So hand over all your items, and I promise you a decent death, ''

Justin Bing growled with eyes that gleamed with the strong intent to kill.

''Have you lost your mind? You are the ones who are about to be killed!'' Ricky grinned. His confidence never wavered.

''Let's kill them with a direct shot, Justin. I'll take care of Soar, '' Louie snarled in a gruff voice. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to hold back the anger that burned wildly in his chest. If his vicious eyes could kill people, then Soar would have been eradicated thousands of times just by being the sole subject of Louie's death glares.

Without further hesitation, Louie concentrated his energy and launched his Ice Punch at Soar.

''You already lost to me once before. You cannot defeat me this time, either." Soar shrugged off Louie's attack with much disdain.

While he wreathed himself in the scorching flames, Soar stomped his feet mightily on the ground. In the blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of Louie. When he saw that he successfully caught his enemy off-guard, Soar launched his Flame Punch. His Flame Punch collided with Louie's Ice Punch.

Boom! The fierce collision between the two opposing forces left multiple bursts of dust in the air

The intense battle did not last that long, however, for Louie's ice was easily crumbled under the wrath of Soar's ferocious flame.

Bang! A figure was thrown flying into the air before it abruptly fell on the ground with a loud thud. Blood gushed out of the poor fellow's weakened body.

The figure turned out to be Louie.

It all happened in a matter of seconds! Louie was hastily defeated after just receiving what was supposed to be minimal damages from Soar's flames.

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