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   Chapter 581 The Vitality Land

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Boom! Boom!

As the words fell from Ricky's lips, the whole majestic demeanor that he carried with him suddenly became unbearably thick. Then, the crimson devouring runes started permeating their surroundings. They spread out around his body, and gradually turned into a dark and swirling storm.

After a while, Ricky opened both of his palms and the Enlightening Wind Holes emerged. Two huge enlightening windstorms swept across the ground, before they merged into one more powerful windstorm that fused with the devouring runes.

After a second, the violent windstorm expanded at lightning speed. With the airship as the center, it rapidly dispersed and rushed towards the black toxins floating all around.

'Is this the move he's been holding back? The strength of the windstorm is surely going to be much stronger after it absorbs that runic power, but I'm afraid that it won't be able to stop the toxins that are drifting into it, ' Terrence wondered to himself as he watched Ricky's impressive attack.

Since Ricky still had such an air of confidence, Terrence waited for his attack to end in the hopes of seeing whether they would be able to weather that moment of danger or not.

Then, raging flames became to swirl and pop. Whoosh! Swoosh! The flames climbed higher, becoming an uncontrollable inferno, right after Terrence was wondering how things would go.

Above the fulminate windstorm, tufts of the dark and roaring flames were spreading all over the landscape. Those flames were the Heaven Illuminating Fire.

"What are those black flames?" Terrence couldn't help but say that out loud when he was given such a shock. The moment the Heaven Illuminating Fire appeared and flared up, an invisible wave of stun and awe spread through Terrence's heart, and a sense of destruction was growing in his mind.

"What spectacular fire! That's more like it—that's what Ricky's moves should really look like."

Boom! A minute later, the explosive storm made a clean sweep and sped off, intertwining with the diffused toxins. It seemed like two blasts of strong air were billowing into each other.

Hiss! Hiss! After that, the flames which, at first, had burned above the windstorm were shifting their direction. The flames were still climbing and burning above the toxins.

" is that even possible?" Terrence said, his mouth open. He stared slack-jawed as he watched all that happening. He found it hard to believe that the Heaven Illuminating Fire was actually able to burn the toxins. He was totally dumb-struck from the inside out.

At that point, even Madeline was a bit stunned. That strange fire was like nothing that she had ever seen before.

"Oh my! That fire is terrifying! What else can it burn through, if it could burn through the toxins s

Virulent Sandy Crocodile to lead the way for us, or it would have been even more dangerous to try and find our way. If we ran into those areas of toxic smog, I'm afraid that we would have all lost our way," Ricky said in relief.

"Right, if we ever went inside those toxic areas, we would not be able to come out alive," Madeline agreed with him.

At that moment, in the area of shifting sand ahead, a vast oasis unexpectedly appeared. What was more unexpected, was that the oasis was verdant and covered with sense of life. The contrast with the desolate Virulent Sand Flow was incredible.

"I feel like that oasis can't be real. How could such a lively oasis like that even appear in the desolate area like the Virulent Sand Flow?" Ricky was skeptical when he saw the lush area of land rise up before him.

Soar and Terrence also woke up from the pranayama state they were in. Seeing the unbelievable oasis ahead, they were both amazed.

"Maybe, it's an opportunity for us," Terrence suggested out of the blue.

"An opportunity!? What kind of opportunity?" Ricky instantly asked Terrence when he heard what he said.

"It probably has some precious Treasure from Heaven and Earth. An oasis is very likely to have a fourth-level Glazed Fruit," Terrence said. "It is written on a record of the Virulent Sand Flow that, if the Vitality Land appears, then it's highly possible that a fourth-level Glazed Fruit will appear."

"That's also the reason why the whole area was turned into this desolate Virulent Sand Flow—it's because the fourth-level Glazed Fruit has taken in all of this area's essence."

"The fourth-level Glazed Fruit!?" Ricky, Soar, and Madeline all asked in excitement after hearing what Terrence said.

The fourth-level Glazed Fruit! Wasn't that one of the reasons that they had wanted to come to the Land of Legacy?

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