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   Chapter 580 Try This!

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Ricky and his companions sensed the presence of hundreds of ruin beasts coming right at them. The beasts were numerous, and they blotted out the sky with their dark presence.

Ricky and his companions steeled themselves for the coming battle.

''Sorry, I forgot to tell you that ruin beasts come at you in large groups like this," Terrence said seriously. He brushed off some sweat from his forehead.

Dealing with only a dozen of ruin beasts would already be a handful, but now, they would be dealing with hundreds of the creatures. Such a feat was daunting, if not downright impossible.

The ruin beasts were soon upon them, and right in front of Ricky.

Ricky immediately recognized them as the Virulent Sandy Crocodiles. They were almost twenty meters in length and three meters in width. Their bodies were dotted with poisonous scales that secreted virulent poisons.

The Virulent Sandy Crocodiles opened their giant mouths and roared at Ricky and his partners ferociously. Ricky and the others thought that they would go deaf at the noise of the monstrous creatures. The sight of the monsters would have terrified anyone else, but Ricky and his companions did not frighten easily. Soar took particular notice of the creatures' behavior.

''It looks as if they are also afraid of us.'' Soar tried to speak in a hushed tone, so as not to agitate the beasts in front of them.

"I'm not afraid of them! We can take them on! There's no turning back anyway, so let's just face them, head-on!" Ricky said, with great determination.

''Don't underestimate their power, Ricky. We have to stay in the airship, which means we'll be forced on the defensive," Terrence said. He quickly analyzed the situation, and he made a judgment call. He was always the most tactical in the group, and he was not wrong here, as usual.

''Don't be overconfident, Ricky. We're fighting in the territory of the Virulent Sandy Crocodiles. They are one of the most vicious and aggressive types of ruin beasts.

You can't underestimate these things because they can secrete their virulent fluids anytime!" Terrence said, seriously.

''Let me have a try. The ruin beasts are no different from common beasts. I will make them bow to my blood power, '' Soar said with confidence and intensity.

There was a booming roar that echoed in the skies. Soar transformed, revealing his beast body—a Great Dragon. But instead of looking like a dragon, he looked like a fire snake.

Soar was intimidating, but even this was not his most powerful form, yet. He would only be able to emerge as a Great

ound it near-impossible to concentrate with the battle raging around her.

''Ricky, we have to rely on you now," Soar said, gasping for breath.

The venoms from several bites and claws had steadily eroded Soar's armor now. He needed to heal himself at the soonest time, or risk dying on the spot.

Terrence noticed that the venoms of the Virulent Sandy Crocodiles seemed to have little to no effect on Ricky. It was a testament to Ricky's prowess as an unusual warrior.

''I can't keep fighting, Ricky. I'm sorry, '' Terrence said in a deep voice. His eyes were full of shame and guilt that he could not fight much longer. Terrence and Soar did not like the idea of bowing out of the fight like this. To warriors like them, this was shameful, but they could see no other recourse.

Both warriors realized that Ricky was their only hope for survival now.

Roar! Roar! The Virulent Sandy Crocodiles noticed the two other warriors bowing out, and they realized this was their chance. The creatures raised up their heads and roared in unison. A wave of endless, black, and corrosive venoms spewed from their gaping jaws.

Ricky and his friends were almost overwhelmed by the sudden deluge of corrosive venoms coming their way.

Ricky and the others realized that the coming flood of venoms would be instantly fatal for them. Something had to be done, and it had to be done now.

''You two step back. Let me try this. I have not used this move for a very long time, but it just might work, '' Ricky said. There was no argument from Terrence or Sore. The two warriors were too beat up to argue with the young warrior. Ricky stepped forward, towards the coming flood of venoms with full confidence in his eyes.

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