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   Chapter 579 Ruin Beasts

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"The least we would need is an airship at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level. Otherwise, it would be destroyed purely by the gravity here," Terrence explained with desperation.

It was foolish to expect an airship to just appear out of nowhere. It was impossible.

"Are you talking about an airship? Do you mean that an airship at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level is capable of moving freely in the Virulent Sand Flow?" Ricky asked with excitement, his eyes glued to Terrence's expressions. He was glowing with curiosity and enthusiasm.

"You're right. An airship at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level can do that," Terrence nodded.

"Haha. Terrence, you should have told us earlier. We have been worrying for nothing." Terrence's confirmation made Soar laugh wildly. He had overcome all his hurdles.

"What do you mean? Are you telling me that you have access to such an airship?" Terrence failed miserably to mask the confusion on his face.

He couldn't believe it.

Before Terrence could say another word, Ricky raised his right hand and Tina's airship suddenly appeared floating in midair. It landed slowly on the sand delicately as opposed to sinking in it.

"Ricky, I told you that you would need me. You would've been in big trouble without me, right now," Tina said to Ricky through the telepathic link.

"Haha, Tina, you're right. You are my savior," Ricky replied affectionately. "Perhaps, God above will keep us together."

Tina couldn't help but blush listening to Ricky.

"Haha." Ricky felt flattered watching Tina blush.


"It's amazing that you guys can carry such an airship," Terrence said incredulously. He couldn't believe what he had just seen.

An airship at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level was marginally inferior to an intermediate-stage spiritual space tool.

Everyone knew that Ricky had owned a spiritual space tool. However, to their great surprise, he showed them an airship at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level. Who knew how many desirable treasures he possessed? Even so, one would think they shouldn't belong to a warrior as weak as Ricky appeared to be.

Terrence found Ricky unfathomable.

Hence, that will be a disaster. By opportunity, I mean their Virulent Sandy Cores.

If we could somehow get some cores and refine them, we would be blessed with a certain level of resistance to the toxins here. At least, we wouldn't have to be afraid of the toxins at the King Level," Terrence explained patiently and earnestly.

"It's quite good to hear you say that," Soar said excitedly, finally hearing a way out of that damned place.

"No matter where you're standing, dangers and opportunities co-exist," Ricky said, with a thin smile on his face.

However, he wasn't interested in finding any opportunities, since he wasn't scared of any toxins mostly thanks to his four zones.

Of course, he still had to help Soar, Terrence and Madeline obtain the Virulent Sandy Cores.

"Terrence. I just realized that you're very talkative and smart," Soar said sincerely.

Suddenly, they heard terrible roars echoing. Before Soar could finish his words, the sand waves which carried countless yellow giant figures were howling at them. They were coming towards their airship from all directions.

"Although I'm tempted to get some Virulent Sandy Cores as soon as possible, the appearance of so many ruin beasts is really terrifying," Soar smirked. "I'm guessing there must be hundreds of those beasts coming at us.

What makes it so much worse is that each and every one of them is at least as strong as an immortal warrior," Soar added.

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