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   Chapter 578 The Virulent Sand Flow

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8570

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After entering the space rift, the four found themselves in a yellow, boundless space with countless channels. It was difficult to tell whether each channel had an end or not.

"These passages indicate that we will go to different places after entering the Land of Legacy. In some places, we may get great chances to promote our cultivation skills; in some places, we may encounter life-threatening dangers; in others, we may find nothing and eventually return empty-handed. What we will encounter entirely depends on our luck," Terrence informed Ricky, Soar, and Madeline through their telepathic link.

"I see. It seems that from the moment we set foot on the space rift, crises have been everywhere, awaiting us. I hope our luck will not be so bad as to enter a dangerous place," said Ricky.

Without any hesitation, the four intuitively chose a channel and jumped into it.

Hum! Hum! They felt their bodies slightly shake and then found themselves in a desolate area. There was nothing but endless yellow sand that was constantly surging like it had a life of its own.

A gripping feeling of gloom hung over the place like dark clouds before a big storm, and the air smelled toxic.

Looking at the sandy, yellow hell in front of them, the four slowly came to the realization that they were trapped.

The yellow sand beneath their feet started moving urgently, swallowing them little by little.

Boom! Boom! Without any hesitation, the four hurriedly called on their Ultimate Domains and made every effort to stop the sand from sucking them in. They managed to use all of their power to float high in the air but only for a moment.

To their great surprise and horror, the sand started sucking them in even more forcefully. Their Ultimate Domains did not seem to affect it at all, and their spiritual energy seemed to have no effect on its sinking power.

"What's going on? What kind of sand is this? How can it stop us from standing mid-air?" Soar said incredulously.

"Before entering the Land of Legacy, I asked around for some information about this mysterious place. If I am not wrong, we are now in the Virulent Sand Flow," replied Terrence solemnly.

Terrence's grim expression could only mean that this so-called Virulent Sand Flow was extremely dangerous for anyone who dared enter it.

"The Virulent Sand Flow!" exclaimed Ricky with a grave expression.

"This place is called the Virulent Sand Flow because the sand here naturally contains massive amounts of toxins, massive enough to seep into the air and cover every corner o

lowed that they almost looked white for a moment. With the power of his Killing Enlightenment, his wings started to feel lighter and stronger. The toxins were being expelled.

"Terrence's Killing Enlightenment is actually stronger than before," Ricky said solemnly. He was sure that it was the reason why Terrence could remain in mid-air under this harsh environment.

The next moment, Terrence snarled fiercely.

The huge claw under his abdomen glowed with spiritual energy and then turned into a big hand. He took Ricky, Soar, and Madeline out of the sand and threw them on his back.

"Terrence, can you still fly?" asked Ricky anxiously.

"I don't think I still have enough power to fly," Terrence said with difficulty.

"Even if I can still fly, the Virulent Sand Flow is vast and boundless, and there are poisonous fogs in many places. If we fly into the fogs, we will all die."

"So, how long can you remain in mid-air?" asked Ricky in a somber voice.

"I can only fly for another half hour at most. After that, we have to find another way to save ourselves, or we will perish," said Terrence with his voice growing heavy and worried.

"Terrence, you said you asked around about the Virulent Sand Flow. Did you not get survival tips from those you asked?" asked Soar.

"When I researched about the Virulent Sand Flow, I was not thinking about us getting ultimately stuck in it, and so, I did not ask for survival tips," said Terrence.

"There is another way, but considering our situation, we would die before we find one," Terrence added.

"Find what?" retorted Soar.

"To survive here, we must have an airship to carry us because the sand cannot sink it," said Terrence.

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