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   Chapter 577 Entering The Land Of Legacy

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Although all the creatures were eager to rob Ricky, they tried their best to control their desires. The spiritual emperors of the major forces had not shown themselves yet, but there was a large possibility that they were simply hiding in the dark. And the Oriental College must have sent a spiritual emperor or two. Otherwise Ricky would not have dared to reveal himself in front of all his enemies.

'Ricky! The ace genius!'

'Ricky, you bastard!' Having no courage to assault Ricky at the moment, his enemies couldn't do anything but curse him resentfully in their hearts.

''Ha-ha. You arrived at the perfect time. It would still take some time before the space rifts stabilize, '' Jasper said with a smile.

''Are you Ricky Nan?'' Jefferson asked him coldly upon seeing Ricky.

''Yes, that would be me. What's it to you?'' Ricky also replied coldly. Since Jefferson was obviously holding a grudge against him, Ricky did not plan to swallow his insults.

''I thought the so-called ace genius was supposed to have superhuman powers, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe the rumors have exaggerated your ability. I don't see anything special about you at all.'' Rupert sneered.

He had awakened the wisp of the White Tiger's blood power which made him believe that he would become the most powerful genius of the whole Eastern Land and finally rule all the creatures in it.

He was supposed to rise in the chaotic era as he planned to make all the creatures kneel down before him. However, Jasper's appearance completely overshadowed his pride and talents. He was so jealous of Jasper that he was willing to kill Jasper the moment he got the chance.

Before he could take down Jasper, another ace genius showed up. Someone whose talents were even better than Jasper's.

What irritated him the most was that Ricky and Jasper were both members of the Oriental College and they seemed to have a good relationship. Jefferson was afraid that if they ganged up on him, there wouldn't be anything he could do.

''The rumors are none of your business. Why don't you take a good look at yourself before you sneer at others?" Ricky sneered back.

Upon hearing Jefferson's tone, Ricky im

ed to the Land of Legacy which could only contain completed spiritual kings while the right one was able to contain middle spiritual kings.

''The two space rifts have stabilized. We should head in, '' many warriors said expectantly. Without any hesitation, they immediately rushed into the space rifts that corresponded to their cultivation levels. Their auras completely disappeared after they entered the Lands of Legacy.

''Time is limited, so I'll keep this short and clear. Be careful with your enemies. They must have prepared a lot to kill you.'' Jasper reminded Ricky that he must be very careful.

''Try your best to stay out of trouble. Our foremost task is to find opportunities. Our top priority is finding the Massacring Sand and the Massacring Soil.''

''Got it, Jasper, '' Ricky immediately replied.

But he would not escape from fights. If his enemies wanted to kill him, so be it. He might even pick up fights with them if he saw an opening.

Ricky was never the kind of person who would just sit around waiting to be killed. Presently, he might not be able to kill the leaders of the antagonized forces, but he could easily kill their disciples.

''Okay, we should go now.'' Jasper slightly nodded his head as he entered the left space rift first.

Ricky and his fellows then plunged into the right space rift.

Ricky was determined to give everyone at the Lands of Legacy of the Eastern Realm of Wildness a great surprise.

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