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   Chapter 576 An Assemble Of Geniuses

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There was a vast, yet desolated desert in the Eastern Realm of Wildness. It was called the Eastern Plain of Wildness.

There was no sign of life there; instead, there was only desolation and dead silence. Naturally, not a living soul would step into that place, but that was about to change.

The two Lands of Legacy in the Eastern Realm of Wildness had just showed up in that spot. The two Lands of Legacy were two overlapping plains of their realm and another realm.

At the center of those two lands, there was nothing but an endless sand storm that devoured everything. The power of such a sandstorm was beyond comparison. Any being below the demi-immortal would be torn to pieces in it.

In that vast and boundless desert, there were two gigantic space rifts looming among the sand. As time went by, those two space rifts grew larger and their storage capacity expanded exponentially.

It would still take some time before those two space rifts finally became stable.

If anyone entered those two rifts at the unstable stage, that person would be sucked into the chaotic zone of another dimension.

Figures appeared one by one in the middle of the desert out of nowhere.

The surface of the two Lands of Legacy presented a great opportunity for all spiritual kings of the younger generation. Any completed spiritual kings and warriors above that from the entire Eastern Land had gathered to take advantage of such an opportunity.

The people that caught most of the attention were naturally the geniuses from the spiritual-emperor forces.

"Those two must be Pearl and Nestor, the son of the Luxurious Emperor of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce!" Some warriors discussed things among themselves while looking in the direction of the two people from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

The woman wearing a veil was no other than Pearl. Although she had lost to Ricky during their spar, her name was not tarnished even one bit.

She was always the center of the attention, not just because of her gift, but also because of her powerful Feminine Mutant.

Nestor stood there in a silk robe and he was oozing a strong aura. His eyes, which were flashing with light of focus and intensity, shadowed the power of any other

the two of them, Jasper will win, because he's won every single time before!"

After hearing the warriors around him talk about his losses, the young leader instantly grew sullen and shot a look of malicious intent at those warriors. That look sent a chill down their spines.

"Ha-ha, Jefferson, I heard something like that from you too many times. But you haven't even won once against me." Jasper smiled slightly at his comment.

A touch of a sneer pulled at the edge of his mouth and twisted his smile.

Jefferson Bai was the only person from the younger generation that stood a chance against Jasper. Jasper would still never take him seriously because he did not like his personality.

"We shall see who wins this time then. I would very much like to see how much longer a peerless genius like you can keep it up!" Jefferson Bai glared at Jasper in fury.

"Ha-ha! Fine by me! Have at me all you want!" Jasper gave a cold smile.

"Ha-ha! Jasper, hope that I'm not too late!" At that moment, a hearty laugh disrupted the tension that had built up. Three figures approached quickly until they finally stopped in the middle of the air where the geniuses from the entire Eastern Realm of Wildness were gathered.

The figures were Ricky, Soar, and Madeline. As for Tina, she was already in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

Ricky's arrival caused a disturbance among all of the warriors and other beings who were present. Some stared at him with curiosity while others glared with greed.

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