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   Chapter 575 The Taste Of The Massacring Soil

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The Evil Emperor finally showed up in the Saber Hall. His body reeked of lethargy. He slouched past Ricky with his hands in his pockets and surprised everyone with his slug and sleazy attitude. Who could believe that this lazy man was an innate spiritual emperor?

"Great. After more than a month of closed-door cultivation, you look like you have improved a lot in cultivation. I hope that you can regain your fame of an ace genius in the two Lands of Legacy in the Eastern Realm of Wildness," the Evil Emperor said languidly as he looked at Ricky.

"Master, this time if I can gain fame again, I figure I might become an enemy of the powerful forces in the whole Eastern Land," Ricky replied in a low tone.

"Ha-ha, you have already turned against them. In the coming days, no matter how low-key you are, they will still defame and haunt you," the Evil Emperor said with a laugh.

"Well, rather be high-profile than low-profile! You know, the strong do what they want and the weak suffer what they must. All you must do is warn them that you shall retaliate in kind!

If you are strong-minded and mentally tough, I am willing to team up with you and counter the evil powers together!"

"If so, there is no need for those worries and tensions. On my tour of the two Lands of Legacy in the coming days, I won't hold back!" Ricky replied with equal nerve after listening to the Evil Emperor's bold speech.

In fact, Ricky had secretly made inquiries about the Evil Emperor in recent months.

He had been informed that before the arrival of Jasper, the Evil Emperor was arguably the most powerful genius in the whole Eastern Land. In just a few decades, the Evil Emperor had made such rapid progress in cultivation that he had successfully become a demi-spiritual emperor. What was more, he had also won the title of the number one demi-spiritual emperor in the Eastern Land.

A few decades ago, the Evil Emperor had suddenly disappeared, never to be heard from again. All the warriors had assumed that he would never make a comeback. It was a surprise that the Evil Emperor now was re-emerging as a spiritual emperor.

The Evil Emperor was very forthright and never minced his words.


is coarse manner. After all, as a spiritual emperor, he really shouldn't talk like that!

'The Evil Emperor is really an unceremonious spiritual emperor. He is always crossing the lines of the decorum, ' Ricky thought to himself as he felt a sense of impotence.

"Master, I own the spiritual space tool, so you know," Ricky said as he shook his head gently.

At that time, Ricky was completely aware that Tina was certainly unwilling to go back with the Evil Emperor.

"Ha-ha, I got it. I got it," the Evil Emperor smirked.

Upon seeing the Evil Emperor's shit-eating grin, Ricky naturally knew that he certainly had an evil idea again.

"Ha-ha!" Soar also grinned broadly when he heard the Evil Emperor's evil laugh.

To some extent, Soar's personality was somewhat similar to that of the Evil Emperor.

"All right! Let's save some breath and step over there. The entrance to the two Lands of Legacy has come into view," the Evil Emperor told them gently as he wiped the smile off his face.

"It is no use wearing human skin masks here. Tear them off, all of you."

"Master, we got it."

Ricky and their two other companions tore the human skin masks off their faces.

"The two Lands of Legacy are not ordinary places for they only opens once every two years. So, once you have entered it, you can remain there for two years while seeking your own chance encounters," the Evil Emperor advised them seriously.

"Remember, safety is paramount!"

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