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   Chapter 574 Master The Galaxy Saber Skill

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'Wow, the Galaxy Saber Skill! I'm already having chills down my spine just by hearing its name, ' Ricky exclaimed excitedly in his mind. As soon as he heard the name from Scar, he already knew that such skill would be extraordinary.

Ricky immediately took over the scroll made of beast hide that Scar handed to him. The scroll described the Galaxy Saber Skill in detail.

"Scar, about this Galaxy Saber Skill, I promise that I will master it and make the most out of it," Ricky said seriously to assure him. He was very delighted and honored to receive the valuable gift from Scar. This only showed that Scar trusted him very much.

"Your talent and character are good enough for me to hold onto your promise," Scar said as he nodded his head to assure him that he was listening.

Ricky, as his master, had already earned his complete trust. He wanted to give him the gift to improve his cultivation to its full potential. When the time came that his master's cultivation reached the topmost level, only then could he and his Saber Hall grow stronger as well.

Since Ricky has already got a saber method, he was not in a hurry to set off to the Eastern Realm of Wildness. With the Evil Emperor around him, he was no longer worried about security issues. Thus, he decided to cultivate in the Saber Hall for a little while before going to the Eastern Realm of Wildness.

Of course, his current main objective was to cultivate the Galaxy Saber Skill.

Once Scar was done arranging a secret cultivation chamber for Ricky, the latter began his cultivation in seclusion at once.

Naturally, Ricky first needed to have a complete understanding of all the aspects of the Galaxy Saber Skill.

The Galaxy Saber Skill had a total of thirty-six sub-skills which were described in eight chapters. Every chapter had a key word. For the first four chapters, every chapter covered four sub-skills; for the remaining four chapters, every chapter covered five sub-skills.

Therefore, it was also called the Thirty-six Galaxy Saber Skill.

This Galaxy Saber Skill must be used with a powerful and stiff galaxy power in order to maximize the outbreak of the saber method.

The so-called galaxy power was a fierce, manic, and rigid force. This kind of force could also be an independent power which could be comprehended and obtained from the fire power and the massacring power.

Ricky had the Chaotic Fire Zone and the Massacring Zone, as well as the Supreme Skills in these two zones. He was quite confident that he could cultivate the galaxy power with the help of his two zones.

He then knew that the first goal of his cultivation was to successfully cultivate the galaxy power; otherwise he wouldn't be able to master the Galaxy Saber Skill at all.

His second goal was to master its first four sub-skills that were

offensive means of the beasts.

'Perhaps, the cultivation methods of the entire world were all created due to the warriors' comprehension of supreme enlightenment about the various evolutions between heaven and earth, ' Ricky thought. 'And also, I found a lot of similar skills in the four Supreme Skills.

However, I am afraid that the supreme enlightenment is not the kind of stuff I can completely understand right away. So, I'd better keep practicing the cultivation method as much as I could. As for the so-called supreme enlightenment, I'll worry about it more after I become a demi-spiritual emperor.'

After that, he stopped thinking and focused on his cultivation method. With the help of the power in his four zones and the four Supreme Skills he had grasped, Ricky quickly fell into a comprehension state.

The process of his comprehension lasted for about half a month.

This was a long time for Ricky but he should not be blamed for that. The Galaxy Saber Skill was a cultivation method at the Earth Level which was not easy to be completely comprehended in a short amount of time.

If it was comprehended by another genius, they would probably have to use more than several months.

Then, another half a month later, Scar sent a message to Ricky through their telepathic link to wake him up from his secluded cultivation because he had to. The Land of Legacy at the Eastern Realm of Wildness was about to open soon. That was a place that every talented warrior wanted to step their feet on as numerous high-level treasures were known to be hidden there. Yet, only a small number of them had the qualifications to do so. Fortunately, Ricky was qualified.

Hearing Scar's message, Ricky no longer hesitated and quickly came out from his secret chamber. After all, all the preparations he did were for the upcoming adventure at the Eastern Realm of Wildness.

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