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   Chapter 573 The Galaxy Saber Skill

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In the period of eight days, Ricky had made substantial progress.

First, he had become a second-class lower spiritual king, and had stabilized at that level thanks to the effect of the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth. As for his true combating power, he was sure that it must be comparable to that of a second-class middle spiritual king. That was just a rough gauge and had yet to be tested out in a real battle.

Moreover, after assimilating the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth, his Iron Destroyer had also been enhanced. He believed that the Iron Destroyer had reached the upper limit of an inferior-stage spiritual weapon. Besides that, its hermit spirit was also strengthened by the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth.

Soar also had a breakthrough, and he became a middle spiritual king.

Soar had cultivated his power for five months at the Oriental College, which had prepared him for leveling up his power. With the help of Quintessence of Heaven and Earth, it wasn't surprising that he was able to reach a breakthrough. He had the blood power of a Great Dragon, after all.

Madeline and the three disciples of the Saber Hall had also improved a lot.

Unfortunately, Madeline still had a long way to go before she could become a middle spiritual king. After all, she wasn't as talented as Ricky, nor was she blessed with any blood power like Soar was.

When everything was said and done, Scar led them back to the Three-hall City.

Garrett was gone and the Spear Hall had received a command from the Josiah, saying that they shouldn't try to provoke the members of Saber Hall anymore.

Scar happily accepted the result. He knew that, as long as Oriental College still existed, the Garuda tribe and the Spear Hall would think twice before they carried out any action against the Saber Hall.

When they went back to the Saber Hall, they gathered in the hall once again to bid a proper farewell.

"Ricky, you're lucky that the Evil Emperor of Oriental College was following you.

r, the Saber Hall and the saber skill were the things that he had sworn to guard.

His mind was in conflict when he was making the decision to put his trust in Ricky.

After all, he was trusting him the things that he had sworn to sacrifice his life to guard. The Saber Hall and the saber skill were what he had dedicated his life to. Passing the saber skill to Ricky was the equivalent of passing Ricky his life's work and his dearest held beliefs.

When he felt the trust and resolve in Scar's words, Ricky made a promise to Scar.

He could sense that the saber skill wasn't just a skill to Scar—it was something way beyond that.

"Scar, you're favoring Ricky too much. If you give him a saber skill, you should give me a spear skill as well," Soar said with a mischievous smile.

"I have no spear skills to give you." Scar knew that Soar was just trying to make the conversation more casual. Smiling back, he said, "After all, I only use a blade."

"All right, but I still think that you're playing favorites with Ricky!" Soar said helplessly with a shrug.

"Ha-ha!" In the next moment, everyone broke into laughter.

"Ricky, this saber skill is the Saber Hall's most important heritage. It is called the Galaxy Saber Skill," Scar said.

Then, he flipped his palm and passed Ricky a scroll made of beast hide.

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