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   Chapter 570 The Unexpected Enemy

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10471

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As the hefty stalactite door gradually opened, all the warriors were greeted by a faint yet, evidently pure scent. It was beautifully refreshing and comforting. They felt as though a garden of strong energy was awaiting them behind the door.

They were all innate spiritual kings. They could sense truly powerful energy. Only something so untouched could energize them in this manner. It was obvious that the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth in this cave was of the purest and highest quality.

Everything outside the stone door was enveloped in darkness, but deep inside, there was a world of light. The cave was filled with stalactites, behind each of which was a different kind of holy and bright light. Hung from the cave's ceiling, they were continuously dripping magic water.

They walked around this damp and cold place for hours before they discovered an enormously thick column of stalactite. It had grown to touch the ground and serve as the backbone of this cave. It was a sight of raw beauty.

"Let's go inside now. The Quintessence of Heaven and Earth should be in the center of this cave," Scar suggested eagerly.

Wasting no more time, the group carefully and strategically found their way into the depths of this mysterious cavern.

"Remember what I said about seeing you again, very soon, Russell? Well, here we are, meeting each other in just six hours." Just then, they all heard a familiar voice. Ricky instantly recognized it—it was Garrett.

Following the greetings, several figures showed up out of the blue.

They were none other than Garrett, Keyon, Jim and Josiah.

"We've been waiting for you here for a long time, you know," Garrett continued with a strange smile, looking directly at Ricky. He didn't lose eye contact.

Ricky's and his companions' faces darkened the moment they saw these four people. He didn't respond for quite a while, clearly trying to contain his anger.

'I knew it. I knew there was some scheme behind Garrett's cunning smile. I was right about these bastards. They just wouldn't give up the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth so easily. I never expected that they would go so far as to wait here ahead of time, though. Such shameless thieves!' Ricky thought to himself full of disdain and frustration.

"Well, you're probably wondering why we're here so early, right? It's quite easy to figure, especially for you. After all, anyone would come for such a valuable treasure like the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth as soon as possible. The longer you leave it out there, the more troubles you might encounter on your way. Isn't that what happened with you as well?" Looking at Ricky's sour face, Garrett enjoyably went on teasing him. There was a triumphant smile on his face, as though he had won the treasure himself.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I want to sincerely thank you for opening the door for us with the Blood Essence Stone. Without your assistance, we wouldn't have been able to break the strong array on the stalactite door. I doubt if even a demi-spiritual emperor could deal with IT. You really are a big help, Russell!" he said.

"Josiah, you cheate

intessence of Heaven and Earth for their lives, for life was always the most precious thing. However, it turned out that not all of them were sensible enough to understand this.

"Brother, cut the bullshit. Why are we talking to them? Let's just kill them and leave with our treasure. I will deal with that Ridge myself this time!" Keyon shouted in a cold voice as a disturbing fatal intent rose from within him.

"I have many defeated foes, but none of them were as shameless as you! You really want to die here today, huh?" Soar talked back flatly hearing Keyon's provocative words.

"After you!" Keyon snapped and made a leap for Soar instantly.

The next instant, both of them were attacking each other with countless powerful tricks that shook the ground, produced flying sparks and eventually, resulted in a storm.

Jim didn't stop Keyon from acting impulsively. He was not very concerned as he was planning to keep a close watch on how things would unfold. If, by chance, Keyon won the battle, it would save many troubles that followed. If he lost, then Jim would take command and kill the beast himself. He had it all planned.

"Let me get this straight for you, Garrett. I know you have two completed spiritual kings on your side, but one of them will surely die if you mean to start a fight with me," Scar threatened when he saw that his enemies were serious about the fight. He wanted them to back off.

But both Jim and Josiah only smiled at his warning, with no panic or fear on their faces.

Scar and Ricky put on grave murderous expressions, too. Something didn't feel quite right here. Both of them could sense it.

"Wake up, Scar, for your own sake!" Josiah said with complacence. "Honestly, you were right about one thing—if you're going to fight with me and Jim, I might have to die with you.

But what do you think will happen if we have another completed spiritual king join the game? Do you still think I would go to hell with you, Scar?"


As soon as Josiah finished talking, a golden figure magically appeared in the stalactite cave.

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