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   Chapter 569 The Stalactite Cave

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"Josiah, are you really going to break the pact that our three halls built?" Scar asked in near threat after seeing that Josiah was very hesitant to give him the Blood Essence Stone of the Spear Hall.

Upon hearing that, Josiah then looked at Garrett through his peripheral view as if he was trying to get Garrett's opinion on this.

But Garrett only shook his head slightly as he sensed that Josiah was eyeing him. Then, he said something to him telepathically.

Josiah just smiled coldly at Scar and said, "Scar, the Spear Hall doesn't have the audacity to break the pact agreed upon by our three halls."

Josiah then threw the Blood Essence Stone to Scar with a gloomy look.

"About damn time! Thank you Josiah!" Scar caught the stone and thanked Josiah. He then said, "Rest assured that I will return your stones intact as soon as possible."

"It's all right, Scar!" Nora said softly. "Congratulations, Scar. Now that the competition is over, we are leaving now."

"In that case, farewell, Nora!" replied Scar.

Then, Nora led the disciples of the Sword Hall to the exit and took off without another word.

Meanwhile, Luna had reminded Ricky repeatedly to come to the Apsara Palace once he refined the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth.

With such an assertive reminder from the beautiful Luna, many warriors grew jealous of Ricky.

All except for Tina, who stared at him with melancholy. On the other hand, Ricky was still confused as he could still not make up his mind about how he truly felt for Tina.

However, there was one thing that Ricky was sure about—he cared a lot about Tina's feelings and that he would never allow any other men to get any idea about courting her.

"Relax, Tina. I am not going to the Apsara Palace. It was just wise that I said yes to Luna's invitation. After all, I was in such a difficult position to refuse such offer. Don't worry, we will leave this place right after we refine the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth," Ricky said as he sent a message to Tina through telepathy.

"Hmmp...I couldn't care less whether you go or not!" Tina replied instantly, with shyness in her voice.

"Well, if you don't care, then I guess I am going." Hearing Tina's voice, Ricky still pretended that he did not notice the shyness in her voice. Instead, he kept messing with her.

"Hey! Don't go!" Upon hearing that Ricky was still going to go to the Apsara Palace, Tina had finally let go of her shyness and instead, she mustered up the courage to beg him not to

wn force would provide the extra security and assistance that he needed. And with this approach, he could save a lot of time and money.


After they had decided, Scar led their way from the Three-hall City as quietly as possible so that they would not attract any attention, and headed for a ravine near the city. This area, however, was the area where the ancestors of their three halls discovered the stalactite cave.

Scar then decided carefully and hand-picked three loyal and gifted innate disciples for their excursion.

Located at a desolated gully, the stalactite cave was covered by dense foliage. It was in a well hidden area that no one would have noticed it if they had not known that it was there.

He then tore through space directly and led the whole team through the dense foliage to the place where the sunlight could not even reach. It was a good thing that this low visibility would not affect any of the innate warriors.

When they reached the area, a giant stone door made of stalactite welcomed them, waiting to be opened.

Scar then lifted his hand and felt the magic power on that door. Upon examining it, he could say that it was clearly rigged with some sort of array.

Stopping at the door, he then took out the three stones and placed them against the door, using his enlightening power. Afterwards, a drop of blood essence appeared on each of these stones. These blood droplets then entered the array on the door, which then afterwards, came back into their respective stones.


By the power of the blood essence, the powerful array on the door was immediately disarmed, and then door slowly opened all by itself.

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