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   Chapter 568 Win The Qualification

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The moment that Luna's Star Moon Sword Array collapsed and dispersed, Ricky's Gale Torrent Strike also abruptly blew up. It turned into airwaves that had great impacting power, completely crushing the entire Star Moon Sword Array in an instant.

Poof! At the same time, Luna coughed and blood began to flow out of her mouth, staining her cyan veil.

After the Star Moon Sword Array collapsed, Luna was naturally affected by the counterattack force because she was the master of the array. Luckily, she only vomited a mouthful of blood, and had no other injuries. She knew that Ricky had cut her some slack. He did not launch any other attacks that would destroy the hidden patterns in her array.

Those hidden patterns were the real framework of her array. They were also a means of hiding the center of her array. Most importantly, they were the power source of her array.

Ricky could only truly destroy her array by destroying the hidden patterns within it. Luna, as the master of the array, would suffer more severe injuries if he did that, however.

Since Ricky held no grudge against her, and their battle was only a competition for the use right of the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth, Ricky didn't want to be too rough on her and was afraid of killing her.

Seeing that the power on the surface of the array had collapsed, Ricky withdrew all his attack power and then looked at Luna calmly without saying anything. He had shown a nice gesture by cutting her some slack. Now, it was her turn to decide whether to continue the competition or to admit her failure in front of the crowd.

"You have won the competition, and I also want to thank you for your mercy. I would suffer many more injuries if you truly wanted to hurt me," Luna said sincerely to Ricky as she tried to stabilize herself. Apparently, she had accepted Ricky's kind gesture.

Meanwhile, one could also see that there was a look of shock in her beautiful eyes. Until then, she still hadn't figured out how exactly Ricky could use a skill that was able to use the power of her own array to attack itself.

After hearing Luna admitting her failure, the warriors in the crowd broke into an intense discussion. They all had complicated feelings about the events that had just transpired. "Luna admitted her failure, so the victory goes to that mysterious stranger that calls himself Russell!" the warriors cried out.

In fact, in the depths of their hearts, they had hoped that Luna would win. She was regarded as a goddess in the hearts of many people there, after all. Over the years, her reputation had been growing. Somehow, they had thought deep down that she would be invincible and always win.

"Now, I am becoming more and more curious about which force Russell and Ridge are from."

"Don't worry! We don't need to try and find that out by ourselves. Garrett, his men, and Luna will be more curious than we are. Soon, we'll be able to learn the answer from them."

"Saber Hall has taken the win this time around! That means that the Spear Hall has not won this com

wo halls, "Guys, the winners and losers have been determined now. Please hand over the rewards of the competition according to our previous agreements."

"All right!" Nora, the leader of the Sword Hall, replied readily at once. After a flip of her finger, a cyan stone rushed toward Scar.

Ricky knew that the cyan stone that she sent toward him was one of the keys to enter the place that the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth was located. There were three keys in total, and each leader of the three halls had one of them.

The three cyan stones were not ordinary stones—they were the treasures from Heaven and Earth that were called the Blood Essence Stones. Once the blood of a certain family was dripped into the stone, the blood power of the family would be preserved in the Blood Essence Stone forever.

Only by combining the three blood powers of the three halls could anyone enter the secret place where the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth was hidden.

The winner of the competition was qualified to get the other two Blood Essence Stones from the other halls.

Of course, after the winner got the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth, it was also necessary for them to return the stones to their rightful owners.

The surrounding warriors were quite puzzled as to what was going on. After each competition, they all knew that the two halls who failed would have to hand over a cyan stone. Yet, they didn't know what the stones were used for.

They had tried to pry into the whole matter, but none of them could find out the real answer.

As time went by, they all gave up on trying to figure out the secret behind the stones.

After getting the cyan stone from the Sword Hall, Scar then looked at the leader of the Spear Hall expectantly.

The Sword Hall leader had handed over the Blood Essence Stone so readily, but the Spear Hall would not be so ready to give up its stone. Josiah didn't show any signs that he was going to hand over the stone at all. Scar was quite aware that it would not be easy to get it from him.

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