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   Chapter 567 The Gale Torrent Strike

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Like an intricate dance, the ninety-nine green swords started to spin around inside the Star Moon Sword Array. Luna watched as the swords devoured the brimming energy in the air like a beast starved.

With every second that passed, they absorbed more and more force from the surroundings. There was no end to their hunger. The green swords grew sharper and bigger, as if to make room for the power collected.

Standing inside the mouth of the Star Moon Sword Array, Ricky felt a strong wave of murderous intent. He felt his skin prick with boundless icy rays.

'I regret agreeing with Luna's plan. This Star Moon Sword Array makes me feel threatened, ' Ricky thought to himself. His fingers clenched as he realized both his desperate situation and his resolve.

The die was cast. It was his own rotten luck that he managed to roll snake eyes. 'My immediate priority is to break through the Star Moon Sword Array, even if I have to fight my way out.'

With that thought in mind, Ricky activated the four zones. They swept forward and then upwards, blazing a path across the ninety-nine green swords that now covered the sky. However, Ricky only had a second to glimpse at the clouds around them. The swords continued their dance. They moved to avoid his attack before slotting back in place. In other words, they had him surrounded to the point where he couldn't even find the center of the array. All he knew was that the Star Moon Sword Array was still active for the ninety-nine green swords to work.

To break through the Star Moon Sword Array, Ricky needed to crush the ninety-nine green swords first.

"Russell, you agreed to let me deploy my Star Moon Sword Array. And now, I want to repay you for that," Luna said in a soft tone. She looked down on him, hovering as she did above him and the Star Moon Sword Array like the God of War.

Her eyes narrowed, as sharp and cold as the blades she controlled. "Now, I'll activate the most powerful sword array attack. If you can survive it, you will win."

"Ha-ha! Luna, thank you in advance. But I have the ability to break through this sword array," Ricky said. Apparently, he was very confident of himself.

"You seem quite sure of yourself. Let's both save some breath and start our contest!" Luna growled. The rumbling in her throat echoed through the array as they glowed in time with her anger.

Like a foreboding heartbeat, Luna's body was enveloped by the same light. She controlled the enlightening power of the stars and moon. It surged up and spread across the air quickly in reaction to her call. The action was as easy as holding out one's own hand.

In more ways than one, it was an extension of Luna at this point. She had cultivated the enlightening force as religiously as she trained her body. Deploying the Star Moon Sword Array had the same sensation as releasing a long-held breath.

The enlightening for

nt Strike could not only launch a powerful and violent strike, but it could also make use of the opponent's force and make it attack the opponent.

It was only a small change in the route of the force. But, in a fight between master cultivators, even the smallest advantage could greatly affect the outcome and the victor.

Boom! Boom!

So, it came as no surprise when the giant sword, mighty as it pierced clouds, shattered into pieces upon collision with the Gale Torrent Strike.

If it was only a question of sheer force and power, then Luna's Star Moon Sword Array was on par with the Gale Torrent Strike. Unfortunately for her, when the force changed course, the tables turned in Ricky's favor.

Everyone was stunned into silence by the sudden and unexpected scene.

"I can't believe it. How could this enigmatic young man defeat Luna by making her force attack her?" All the warriors around were in stunned disbelief.

"Russell, you have won another contest with surprise tactics! Russell! Who on earth are you? Are there so many geniuses in the world?" Garrett murmured to himself. His face turned sour.

He was devastated by Ricky's mind-blowing performance.

At the same time, Garrett paled further when he realized that Ricky had pulled his punches. He pulled on his sleeve, suddenly feeling uncomfortable in his own clothes, his own flesh, and way out of his depth.

The windstorm continued on its path of destruction above them. The second the giant sword shattered, the ninety-nine small swords appeared in their places among the glittering sea of shards.

Ricky waved his Iron Destroyer as the gale runes spread across the sky. The power of the windstorm crushed the ninety-nine small swords in one fell swoop.

The Star Moon Sword Array that once loomed over the whole square followed in its wake. Within a second, maybe two, any trace of the monstrous display of force vanished into thin air.

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