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   Chapter 566 Star Moon Sword Array

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"What do you mean by that, Luna?" Ricky asked. In fact, he had almost guessed how Luna really wanted to compete with him.

"It's very simple, actually. I will deploy an array, and you will need to break it. If you succeed in doing this task, then the Saber Hall wins. Otherwise, the Sword Hall wins," Luna said with a smile on her face.


"I've heard that Luna is good when it comes to arrays. And it seems that she plans to use an array to compete with this mysterious Russell. Isn't that very strategic?" A few disciples talked with each other upon hearing what Luna and Ricky were talking about.

"Exactly! That's also what I heard. I also heard that no genius of the same level has ever been able to break Luna's array!"

"You're right about that! So let's see how daring this mysterious Russell is. Would he really be that brave to accept Luna's proposal?"

The disciples gossiped with each other as they were so eager to find out what Ricky's response was.

"Unexpectedly, you are an array deployer! And I must say that your offer really surprised me!" Ricky said faintly. "To be honest, it is not that much of a wise choice to wait for an array deployer to finish creating an array and then break it."

"Exactly!" Luna didn't deny Ricky's words, but agreed with him instead.

"If that's the case, Russell, then that would mean…"

"I really want to refuse your offer. But now that it is just a competition, and may I add that you are such a beautiful lady, I've changed my mind. Instead, I have decided to accept your proposal," Ricky said with a slightly wicked grin on his lips. It came as a surprise to everyone that he agreed with Luna's proposal.

"Oh, really? He accepted Luna's proposal! This is so exciting! Could he be the first genius to ever break Luna's array?" The onlookers were a little astonished upon hearing Ricky's words.

"I guess that he is very likely to break Luna's array. I bet he's strong enough for this task. He is the one who defeated Garrett, after all!"

On the other hand, Keyon was not very delighted to hear how the other warriors talked about Garrett. His brows were closely knit together in anger, and it looked as if he wanted to murder all those warriors who displeased him.

But Garrett's face remained calm, as if he had never heard a word they said.

"Then that would mean that you've finally accepted my proposal, Russell! Oh I can't wait to start! " Luna expected a different answer from Ricky. Hence, the surprised look appeared on her face when she knew that they were going to push through with it. Because in her opinion, she felt that it was very likely for Ricky to reject her proposal.

After all, deep in Luna's heart, she had judg

' Ricky thought to himself.

Buzz! Buzz!

Meanwhile, with the spreading of the power of the stars and the moon in the array, several green swords emerged quickly, which then encircled the whole air of the inner part of the array. And after careful counting, a total of ninety-nine green swords filled the air.

Each sword emitted strong and vibrant light which contained the power of killing and obscure icy rays.

"Luna, your Star Moon Sword Array is true to its name. My confidence is shattered just by simply feeling the icy rays. I do not think I can simply destroy it," Ricky said with humility in his voice, smiling.

But behind his humble eyes, it could be seen that Ricky had become more serious at that moment as he tried to find a way on how to break it.

"Russell, I know you are just kidding. And besides, I can see that you are really confident about this," said Luna with a smile. "But if you think that this is unfair to you, we can end the competition with one move."

"Ha-ha, now that I have accepted your proposal, how can I go back and break my word? Especially when faced with such a beautiful lady?" Ricky said as he let out a loud laugh. But the competition still went on as Ricky walked right into the Star Moon Sword Array without any hesitation.

"Luna, please activate your Star Moon Sword Array and let this competition begin," Ricky said impatiently as he could not wait for the competition to end and thus he could claim his victory.

"In that case, Russell, please be careful. I will not show mercy on you in this competition as I am requested by others. Otherwise, it would be deemed unfair to them," Luna said.

Without further ado, the green lines on Luna's forehead suddenly burst forth, and the Star Moon Sword Array started to roll over the entire space.

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