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   Chapter 565 Luna From The Apsara Palace

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10388

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A sudden echoing of someone's admittance of defeat filled the battlefield with deafening silence. Immediately, an exchange of confused looks and blank faces scattered all over the area. 'What on earth happened?' they all wondered. In the blink of an eye, the duel had already concluded before anyone could absorb how much strength the two rivals possessed. None of them was quite able to grasp how intense the clash was.

But anyway, they wouldn't get surprised no matter who had won in the end. In everyone's eyes, both Ricky and Garrett were skilled and powerful warriors.

"What the hell is going on?" "Seriously? The battle had just begun, and now it's over?" The warriors finally shook off their stunned reactions and were able to speak. Then, everyone in the area, both humans and beasts, began to whisper in disbelief.

"If we're not mistaken, it was indeed Garrett's voice just now. So Russell should be the winner," some of the warriors then claimed with confidence.

When it was clear who the victor was, distraught filled the faces of those up on the platform of the Spear Hall, including Josiah, Jim, and Keyon. The truth was, all of them already had an inkling of Garrett's defeat. After seeing how overwhelmingly powerful Ricky could be, they knew the chances of Garrett's winning the fight were slim. When this finally turned into reality, however, they found it hard to accept that Ricky arose victorious.

"Ha-ha! That's my brother. Is Garrett truly the strongest one you have to offer? I hate to break it to you, but my brother would win no matter how many strong warriors you have." Soar, on the other hand, gloated over Garrett's defeat.

Not even Scar could contain how amazed he was with the battle that just concluded. 'No wonder he is deemed an ace genius. This young man is truly beyond ordinary and could indeed live up to his name! Maybe signing a bonding contract with him and serving him would turn out to be beneficial to me, ' he couldn't help but think.

Scar wasn't the only one trying to absorb what just happened. 'I knew he would win, and my intuition didn't fail me this time. But who on earth is this guy? And what are those fancy skills these two guys have been using to fight for the Saber Hall? I have read none of them in the archive of the Apsara Palace. How strange!' Luna thought with a frown as she stood on the platform of the Sword Hall.

As she watched Ricky reappear slowly, curiosity and a fighting spirit revealed themselves in her clear and beautiful eyes. Totally ignoring Garrett, Luna poured all her attention on Ricky.

Despite their difference, Luna had one thing in common with other geniuses—only the winner would intrigue them and catch their attention.

"Shall I take some actions, Garrett?" Jim asked Garrett using his telepathy at this point.

"Thanks, Master Jim, but there is no need. I have lost and we have to accept that. Besides, we shouldn't make a fuss here. It will only hurt the reputation of our Garuda tribe," Garrett replied calmly, like he didn't care about the result of this battle at all.

"Got it," Jim answ

it? Honestly, I've got interest in you, pretty boy. I wonder which organization in this world is so lucky to have two amazing talents like you and your friend," Luna asked in a soft and alluring voice.

It was apparent that Luna was setting some honey trap for Ricky to lure him into telling more about his background.

"Like I said, I'm merely a nobody from a faraway corner of this world. It's not worth mentioning at all," Ricky responded, as humble as he could.

Luna had misjudged him, for he was never the kind of man who would be captivated by any beauty. Ricky was immune to honeyed words from a woman.

Seeing that Ricky refused to talk more about himself, Luna didn't persist. She was clever. She knew it would be hard to fish out any secrets from someone as strong as Ricky. Simple sweet talk would definitely not do the trick. After all, the man in front of her had brought Garrett down. One should not expect to get to the bottom of who he was before beating him in a fight.

"Well then. Do pull your punches next, please." Luna then nodded to Ricky with a smile. "Oh, sorry, I forgot. Do you need some more time to rest? Or shall we begin now?"

"Thank you, but we can just begin right away. Let's say we all bring out our best and finish this game with a single strike, shall we? We're about the same level, so I think it's fair enough," Ricky suggested. "Time is precious, don't you think?" He looked at Luna with a meaningful smile.

"Sure!" Luna agreed without hesitation. Her voice was still mild and soft, but there was confidence in it now.

"But I've got another suggestion, and I wonder if it's okay with you," Luna suddenly proposed.

"Oh? What is it then?" Ricky asked with a positive smile.

"Strictly speaking, I'm an array deployer. So setting and controlling all kinds of arrays are what I'm good at," Luna explained.

"Ah, an array deployer. That's interesting," Ricky said, the smile slowly disappearing from his face.

A frown replaced where his smile used to be. He knew how powerful an array deployer could be.

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