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   Chapter 564 Garrett Also Failed

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8195

Updated: 2019-11-25 00:12

Bang! Bang!

The three golden lights that contained infinite killing power emitted simultaneously as they instantly turned into three sharp blades.

A series of events could be seen after the transformation of the three blades. With the first blade, a vision of broken mountains and rivers could be seen. It seemed that they were slashed and destroyed by a giant blade.

With the second blade, a vision of broken heaven and earth emerged. And with the third blade, a vision of a broken universe emerged. Without a doubt, the three blades were the three strikes of Smashing Blade Attack released by Ricky.

It broke mountains and rivers. It broke the heaven and earth. It broke the universe.

After reaching the innate spirit level, Ricky was able to comprehend and acquire the three Slaughtering Blades in a short span of time. He was about to fuse the three sharp blades together in order to explode more powerful attacks.

Thump! Thump! Numerous massacring runes encircled the three blades. Under the influence of the massacring runes' powers, the three blades merged together in an instant.

A greater blade was formed as the visions appearing behind the three blades also merged into one. Surrounded by the massacring runes, the giant blade slashed at the giant Golden Scale Halberd.

Clang! The collision of the giant blade and the giant Golden Scale Halberd caused bright sparks. The sound of the collision was so deafening that it felt as if their surroundings were about to explode. The fierce enlightening power instantly swept over the area from the center of the collision. The enlightening power soon turned into strong airwaves that endlessly and violently exploded.

As those shockwaves swept over the area, the Golden Scale Halberd and the massacring blade began to slowly crack apart.

The intense collision and explosion caused the inverse powers to grow even more intense and powerful.

Due to the strong inverse powers, Ricky and Garrett were both pushed a few steps back. If it weren't for the enlightening power they released to protect themselves, they would have been seriously hurt by the powerful strikes that exploded around them.

They both couldn't help but kneel in the air as their looks turned more severe and furious. The intent to fight in their eyes was greater than ever before.

Thump! The next moment, they stepped heavily in the air and burst out endless enlightening powers without any hesitat

ened me to my bones!"

"Just as they said, the result will soon be decided."

Boom! Boom! No matter how much they talked, all they could see and hear were immense airwaves and deafening sounds.

Those in the crowd with sharper eyes could tell that when the domain formed by the four fang blades collided with the radiant golden lights, the gale runes resembling the tides turned into a form of clouds and mist which then flowed into the golden lights.

Everything happened all at once. Garrett didn't realize what had happened until the power of sadness had already spread all over his body.

'How could this be possible? How can he break out such a strong power of sadness with a single strike? I was nearly destroyed by it!' Garrett was mesmerized by what he just saw.

In the blink of an eye, he used his great will and mind to fight back.

However, under the attack of Ricky's double power, Garrett could only resist for a limited amount of time. After that, his failure would inevitably be more predictable and visible.

First, the killing golden lights began to fade gradually. The lights then vanished due to the attack of the gale power on the four fang blades. As Garrett's attack vanished, the power of the wounds sweeping his mind made him think of sad visions.

'Damn it! How did he attack me like that? How come I wasn't able to counter him?' Garrett knew that he was bound to lose at that moment. There was nothing left for him to do but roar unwillingly inside his heart.

But he was also brave enough to face his failure. The next moment he said loudly, "I see it now. I have failed in this battle!"

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