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   Chapter 563 The Ultimate Battle

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9701

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There was a cracking sound that cut through the air, like a thousand cannons firing all at once. Two flashes of lightning appeared and collided with each other momentarily, illuminating the heavens.

When the flashes of lightning collided, they produced even more deafening sounds. It sounded like the crackle of electricity mixed with the roar of a herd of elephants, causing instant chaos. The two flashes of lightning coiled and struck each other repeatedly, as if they were living things. They behaved like two cobras entwined in a dance of death. Neither could claim an advantage over the other.

There was a puff of smoke, and the bolts of lightning transformed into two distinct human forms. Ricky and Garrett now stood in front of each other, their clothes tattered, and their bodies bruised from their celestial combat. Each man could see that their battle was leading nowhere. It was a frustrating stalemate for both of the magical warriors.

Both warriors realized that the magical combat would lead them nowhere. They were too evenly matched on the spiritual and magical planes. Perhaps the physical combat would prove their abilities more efficiently and produce a clear victor. Each man fell into their familiar martial arts stances, and began to pummel the other. Each thrust was effectively dodged. Each attempted punch or kick was deftly parried, and both men began to resemble dancers locked in a dance of death.

Occasionally, a punch or kick would connect with tremendous force. Ricky landed a vicious uppercut to Garrett which sent the man flying. There was an explosion that seemed to split the air when the punch connected. Garrett dusted himself up, and flew right at Ricky with a flying kick. For a moment, both men seemed to vanish, as the kick connected. In the blink of an eye, both men appeared in another area, transported by their own magical energies.

"This battle is amazing! I've never seen so much power and magical energy released like this. It's almost like we're watching two true second-class middle spiritual kings in action!" one warrior said. The crowd hushed and chatted among themselves with delight and excitement. They all knew that they were witnessing an amazing battle taking place.

"You're right. Who is this mysterious young man, Russell? He fights unlike any warrior that I have ever seen," a second warrior said.

"Yes. I'm sure that his comprehension of the Golden Enlightenment defies explanation. It's almost as if he were the very personification of the Golden Enlightenment. Garrett is a skilled warrior, but I'm not sure he can take on Russell," a third warrior said.

"Damn it! Where did those two come from?" Keyon watched the battle intently. He had thought that Ricky would be no match for his elder brother. It was a reasonable assumption, but Ricky was throwing any kind of reason out the window. The young warrior was a prod

ce, aren't you? It courses with your own emotions in battle. I can sense your anger and eagerness to fight being channeled through it," Garrett said in a chilling tone as he looked at Ricky's Iron Destroyer. "If I strike and crash the saber, you will be attacked as well. Your will shall be broken."

"We don't know if any of that is true! Just show me how strong your Golden Scale Halberd is," Ricky said with rising anger and blistering confidence. He would not allow Garrett's words to affect him. There was just too much at stake now.

"You're angry? Good!" Garrett said.

The sounds of battle rang through the air again.

Garrett's voice had faded now, and the sounds of furious battle had replaced banter.

Garrett dashed forward faster than anyone had ever seen. His Golden Scale Halberd danced in the air for a moment, before falling precariously close to Ricky's throat.

Ricky blinked, and for one terrible moment, he thought that Garrett's halberd would fall on him, and split his throat in two. The moment did not come. His Iron Destroyer blocked the Golden Scale Halberd's downward spiral of death.

Sparks flew as Garrett's halberd collided with Ricky's saber.

The sound of their weapons echoed in the air.

There was a flash of blinding light, as both weapons struck each other, and everyone could not make out what had just happened.

Suddenly, a voice called out angrily in the air blast. "Golden scale power! Golden Scale Slash!"

The sky above was filled with endless golden scales. They swarmed around like thousands of flies choking the very heavens above, before gathering, and forming an even bigger golden halberd.

The scales clanged as the Golden Scale Halberd hacked at Ricky.

At the same time, however, another voice called out too. "Massacring power! Smashing Blade Attack! Three-in-one Strike!"

Immediately, three golden lights were ejected from the force of the collision.

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