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   Chapter 562 Golden Light Strike Versus Scorching Golden Fist

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As soon as the power of Garrett's Golden Enlightenment rushed out, a shattering sound rang out all around them. The ground he was standing on had cracked between his feet when he stomped.

At the same moment, Garrett appeared in front of Soar abruptly. Almost the same second as that, he threw out a fast, fierce punch that glowed with golden light. Everything happened so fast. Within a split second, the punch could hit him and kill him. If Soar couldn't avoid it in a timely manner, his head would be smashed into pieces. The onlookers were holding their breath and waiting anxiously to see how the situation would unfold itself.

At that particular moment, another fist surrounded by golden light emerged. Along with a deafening sound as if two weapons were colliding with each other ferociously, Garrett's fist attack was blocked by the newly emerged fist.

Then, the two bodies that were filled with golden light both stepped slightly back and away from each other.

"This is your second fight in a row. This battle is becoming difficult for you, so let me try," a low voice said to Soar in that moment. The low voice came from Ricky. He and Soar represented the Saber Hall at that day's competition. Ricky wanted to protect the Saber Hall, so he had been watching Soar's competition closely.

The moment he felt that Soar was in danger, he had already launched an attack to protect him. Meanwhile, he was worried that if Soar wanted to defeat Garrett or maybe ended the battle in a tie, he would have no choice but to burst out the blood power of a Great Dragon and the power of the Heaven Melting Pagoda. If that happened, the cost would be too high. Soar's identity as a Great Dragon was supposed to be kept top secret. Exposing such a secret would only get him into much more serious trouble. Previously, he even lied and said that his name was Ridge in order to keep his identity a secret.

Seeing Ricky stand up for him, Soar decided not to refuse his help. Without any hesitation, he returned to his seat on the high platform. He couldn't be more aware of the reason that Ricky had needed to interrupt the battle between him and Garrett. Keyon had also been completely defeated by him and his purpose had been realized. He had great confidence that Ricky could take care of the remaining business at hand.

"Who is this young man?" Seeing how Ricky had resisted Garrett's attack, the warriors around were shocked by the events in front of them once more.

"Judging from the momentum that this young man has, his power does not seem to be inferior to Garrett's. How did the Saber Hall manage to find two young geniuses with such impressive power?"

"It's so strange. I feel like this young man's realm is inferior to Ridge's, so how come his power has turned out to be more powerful than Ridge's?"

"I don't think you're right about that. Do you think that he is also a peerless genius like Jasper or an ace genius like Ricky? Do you think that he could really challenge those who have higher levels of strength than him? I am telling you, it's just impossible. He must have used a way to hide his real strength. There are many ways to hide a warrior's real strength, after all. Anyway, there can't be that

attacking power. I'm really curious as to who will win in the end!"

"I bet that Garrett will win. I heard that not a single warrior whose cultivation base was at the same level with him could defeat him before because of his power of Golden Enlightenment."

"Exactly! Although Garrett doesn't cultivate dual powers like Keyon, his Ultimate Domain of golden power is far superior to most other young warriors in his generation."

"I think that it's still hard to say. Russell and Ridge are mysterious, and we know nothing about their backgrounds yet. We didn't think highly of Ridge at all before, but we all saw what happened when he fought, right? Keyon was completely defeated by Ridge. I guess that Russell's strength must be extremely formidable too."

"I think that you're right! My instincts tell me that Russell is quite an unfathomable warrior!"

"I guess you can say that this match—since it's between those two warriors who both cultivate the Golden Enlightenment—is going to be very fierce." The discussion soon subsided, and the crowd turned back around to watch the match.

"Let me test your strength!" Garrett bellowed sternly the moment the Ultimate Domains of their Golden Enlightenment collided with each other. Then, the endless golden light emerged from behind his back.

"Golden Light Slash!" Garrett roared furiously.

In the next second, the golden light blended with Golden Enlightenment and instantly condensed into a golden saber in his hand. He then flung it violently toward Ricky.

"I'm going to warn you— you will never manage to beat me with such simple tricks," Ricky sneered coldly.

Buzz! Buzz! Instantly, Ricky's Massacring Runes burst out from his body. They blended with his Massacring Enlightenment while five sun-like light balls were glittering brightly behind his back.

"Massacring Power—Scorching Golden Fist!" Ricky roared furiously as he attacked.

At the same time, his right fist instantly merged with the five light balls. Then, his attack slammed towards Garrett's attack.

Bang! The next moment, the Golden Light Strike and Scorching Golden Fist clashed against each other violently.

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