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   Chapter 561 The Legendary Garrett Jin

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Actually, Keyon's power was not much weaker than Soar's. However, after Soar broke out the power of the Heaven Melting Pagoda, his overall power was increased by several times. As a result, it was inevitable for him to defeat Keyon easily.

The surrounding warriors, apart from Ricky, did not know this. Thus, Keyon's crushing defeat was completely unbelievable to them. For them, the two warriors apparently had no big gap in their martial arts.

However, the reality had presented itself in front of their eyes. Even if they found it hard to believe, they had no choice but to accept it numbly. Deep down, they were stunned by Soar's formidable power and became very curious as to which tribe he was from and how he could beat Keyon in such a way that did not show his original beast body.

On the high platform of the Spear Hall, Josiah, the leader of the Spear Hall, and Jim, a spiritual king from the Garuda tribe, once again became very irritated with their faces darkening with anger and chagrin. They found it hard to accept the fact that Keyon had such a crushing defeat. Instead, they had been expecting that Keyon would easily beat Soar.

Jim was visibly fidgeting in his seat. He was controlling his urge to burst out fierce attacks against Soar personally.

However, he somehow managed to hold back his passionate impulse. If he burst out attacks now, their Garuda tribe would be humiliated in public even more than it already had been. He was not allowed to attack those contestants since he was not participating in the competition. More importantly, they had come here to challenge the Saber Hall this time with full preparation, and they still had an ace up their sleeve which they hadn't used yet.

"As I have said, even after the manifestation of your beast body, the result would be the same. There is no point in denying the fact that no matter how hard you try, you just can't defeat me!" Soar snarled coldly as he steered his attention to Keyon, who was completely stunned and was glowering with rage.

Since he was not allowed to kill Keyon, he tried his best to give him a great mental blow. His hatred for him had no limits as the latter had tried to get Madeline, the woman he had really strong feelings for.

Keyon let out a muffled and angry roar in the air, which exhausted his last energy. Along with the roar, he turned himself into his human figure and landed on the ground. Once again, he half knelt but this time, he was too feeble to stand up. Losing all his momentum, he just couldn't fight anymore.

Once regarded as the strongest warrior among all the contestants of this competition, he had attracted a lot of attention. So, at that moment, Keyon was just not able to accept his status as a loser.

But now, he had not only lost but had also been defeated so seemingly effortlessly by his opponent. Though he ha

seat and think carefully about how you lost the fight."

"All right, brother!" Keyon responded at once after hearing his brother's firm order. Meanwhile, a light flickered in Keyon's eyes, as if he was suddenly shaken awake from his deep frustration by his brother's wise words. He then said nothing and returned to the high platform without any hesitation.

Keyon understood that if he immersed himself in this failure, he would always be possessed by his inner demon in the future. Thus, at that moment, what he had to do was calm himself down and have a deep reflection about his defeat. As to take revenge on Soar, he could find more opportunities later.

"It seems that Keyon is not as vulnerable as I thought," Ricky whispered when he witnessed that Keyon got back to his seat, and sat in a meditative stance to balance his mindset.

"After all, as a young master from a demi-spiritual-emperor force, it is quite impossible for him to lose mind because of a failure," Scar added.

"Your name?" Garrett Jin asked Soar simply and coldly. Meanwhile, his eyes burned with seriousness and rage. His younger brother had been defeated by this guy in front of him. Hence, he was quite determined to crush him to safeguard the dignity of his tribe.

"Ridge Long!" Soar made up a random name.

At that very moment, Soar's eyes were also grave, because from their collision a moment ago, he could clearly feel that Garrett Jin was far more powerful than Keyon. This time, he had to fire his most powerful skill.

"Ridge Long? I haven't heard of such a name or the surname Long before," Garrett Jin said indifferently. "Anyway, it doesn't matter, because I never show the slightest interest in any warrior who will be defeated by me."

Bang! Bang! Without giving Soar any time to respond, Garrett Jin instantly burst out his momentum and Golden Enlightenment, which hurtled swiftly towards Soar.

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