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   Chapter 560 The Power Of The Heaven Melting Pagoda

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Boom! Boom!

The whole square trembled violently. It quickly became flooded with enlightening power as the two fierce strikes collided with each other. And in a twinkling of an eye, the air billow engulfed everything that was in its way.

''How could their collision be so fierce? In that case, then they must be real and authentic geniuses!'' many warriors exclaimed again as they saw the explosive scene right before their naked eyes.

Jim stood on the platform along with the other members of the Spear Hall. He couldn't help but turn gloomy as soon as he realized that he underestimated Soar's strength this time around. Now, he began to worry that Keyon might lose to Soar.

As the endless air surges finally subsided after the collision, both Soar's and Keyon's silhouettes emerged from the thick clouds of dust.

Soar might have looked a bit rough and bruised, but his momentum was still as powerful as ever. His eyes blazed with intense determination and fighting intent. He even resembled the God of War as he stood there enveloped by scorching and powerful flames.

But Keyon's condition was not at all close to Soar's. In fact, he was down on the ground half-kneeling, gasping for breath. His once shiny and golden eyes that lit with determination were replaced by ferocity and viciousness.

''Look! I can't believe that Keyon has been overpowered this time! Who the hell is that young man?'' some warrior exclaimed. The onlookers were shocked by the outcome of the bout. After all, nobody was able to calm down after witnessing such an intense scene.

''He did not even mention his name. Who is this lad? Where on earth did the leader of the Saber Hall find such a young genius like this dude?''

''I thought that the prince of the Garuda tribe would have special skills, but as it turns out, I was wrong about that. I get it now. You are no better than Banka. You are just like him, aren't you? Also good at bragging," jeered Soar mercilessly as he looked at Keyon's vicious face.

''Just show me your real beast body. Otherwise, you would be trampled underfoot by me.''

Roar! Roar! Soar's cocky words had driven Keyon to wits' end. Unable to bear the anger in his chest anymore, he yelled out ferociously as he released his ferocious wrath.

Boom! Boom!

And in a split second, Keyon's power also began to surge in his system.

''Whoa, Keyon is about to show us his real body!'' Many warriors exchanged their thoughts with each other as they sa

le powers.

''I guess that this could be his true power after all.''

''The Golden Enlightenment is for the offense while the Stone Enlightenment is for defense. Combing the two enlightening powers would mean that Keyon's move must have very strong enlightening power.''

''At this rate that both of them have some serious ace moves, it's still hard to tell who will emerge victoriously!''

Boom! And in a bat of an eye, the huge claw enveloped in Golden Enlightenment and Stone Enlightenment collided heavily with the pagoda.

Upon witnessing the collision, all the warriors could not help but stare eagerly as the result completely bombarded their imagination.

To their surprise, the claw was instantly swallowed and burnt into ashes by the pagoda, as well as the Golden Enlightenment and the Stone Enlightenment that encircled it.

With this, all of Keyon's attacks were neutralized by the pagoda as it struck him heavily. Keyon was not able to help himself but let out a painful scream as he fell heavily on the ground, his golden blood spraying everywhere.

The fight was now over as Keyon was defeated so promptly. What a bloody fiasco it was!

All the warriors in the area stared at the scene in disbelief. They didn't expect Keyon to be vanquished that quickly. If there was anything, they even thought that he would put up a strong fight against Soar. But among the other warriors' attempt to guess the result, it was only Ricky who had foreseen the outcome from the beginning.

' seems that the Heaven Melting Pagoda has already restored much of its energy, ' Ricky thought to himself as he assessed Soar's victory.

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