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   Chapter 559 Dragon Soaring Strike Versus Golden Wing Slash

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"Hey, there you are, little birdie!" Seeing Keyon coming down, Soar, without any hesitation, utilized his most powerful Heaven Melting Fire. It began pouring out of his body and turning into an intensive aura of fire that clashed with the energy that Keyon exuded.

In the next moment, the power of Fire Enlightenment from Soar peaked, turning into a column of fire, leading all the way to Keyon. Soar's feet were also covered in the Heaven Melting Fire at that point. Then, he stomped and activated his omnipotent movement skill, which enabled him to transport himself right in front of Keyon through the fire column.

The Heaven-splitting Spear was equally ferocious and oozed murderous intent from every inch of it. It was a spiritual weapon, so it could sense Soar's rage and strong desire to kill his opponent. The Heaven-splitting Spear also unleashed its own aura of killing in empathy for Soar at that point.


Keyon was indeed a much tougher opponent than Banka. He instantly reacted to the attack the second Soar struck out at him. The enlightening power within Keyon permeated the area, and then turned into an impermeable energy force, blocking Soar's advance from inside the fire corridor.

Within that split second, Soar was hindered, and Keyon took out his weapon in order to go on the attack. His weapon was a golden saber, with a golden Garuda engraved on it. Although it was just an emblem, it was very elegant and impressive. The most striking part was its golden eyes. They were so vivid and lifelike that it looked as if they were looking down on every living soul in the world.

Just as the fire on the spearhead came close, Keyon waved his saber and struck out.

Boom! At the moment that the saber clashed with the spear, the two Ultimate Domains crashed into each other head on. The ground beneath the battle was then almost split in two by the tremendous force as they fell from the sky.

The clash of two forces sent sparks jumping through the air. It looked just like the big bang that created the universe, and anything they touched shattered in their path.

Both Keyon and Soar felt like they had just hit a wall and were thrown back by the tremendous counter force from each other's at

golden saber that was in his hand.

He then struck at Soar with his saber, and an aura in the shape of blade emerged. It was in the shape of a wing with the shadow of the golden Garuda on both sides. It carried the full power of Keyon as it flew straight toward Soar.

"Since you do not want to tell me your identity, then I'll force you to with my attack!" Keyon roared from within the golden light.

"Do you really think that you get to see my real body after such a lousy attack? Now I'm just curious about the real body of your Garuda tribe!" Soar said with a cold smile.

The Heaven Melting Fire instantly covered the area around him, turning it into a small zone of fire storm, and the image of a fire dragon loomed over the fire.

Soar did not utilize his dragon power for that battle because people could easily guess that he was Soar from the Oriental College if he did.

In the next moment, the flying fire dragon fused with Soar's Heaven-splitting Spear.

"Dragon Soaring Strike! Take this!"

Soar shouted and morphed his attack into a spearhead of fire along with his Heaven-splitting Spear. There was also the shadow of soaring dragon looming around where the spearhead was launched.

There was no doubt that that attack was another legacy of the Great Dragon cultivation method that Soar had mastered in the past five months.


Their energies clashed with each other as their moves of the Dragon Soaring Strike and the Golden Wing Slash connected.

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