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   Chapter 558 Let's Have A Fight

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7801

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"Spear? You don't deserve to use a spear! You are unworthy of even knowing my name," Soar replied coldly. After he heard Banka's disdainful words, a furious look came over his face.

"Scar, I'm afraid I have to say that your friend is only a mediocre warrior at best, though his self-confidence and self-respect are those of a higher level warrior. That sassy little creature is too vain and he has crossed the line!" Josiah responded quickly when he heard Soar's provocative words.

"He has the power and right to behave like that," Scar answered in a distant voice.

Scar had confidence in Soar's strength and power. He did not know that Soar was also a peerless genius, but from the depths of his heart, he believed that Soar was ranked second in skill to a peerless genius. He had always thought that even Keyon would not necessarily be able to defeat Soar.

At that moment, Soar launched the Flame Enlightenment. The Flame Enlightenment began sweeping through the air as the Heaven-splitting Fire Spear suddenly appeared in his hands.

"Your weapon is also a spear. It's really no surprise that you dare to say such provocative words," Banka said roughly. "It doesn't matter though. Now, I'll tell you how to wield a spear and show you my spear skill. You better open your eyes and watch."

"I'll defeat you in only one strike!" Soar growled as he tried to restrain himself.

"You are insufferably arrogant and ambitious!" Banka sighed as a strange wave of emotion welled up from deep within him.

Boom! Boom! When Banka finished speaking, he immediately launched the Gale Enlightenment attack. It swept through the square in a second. At the same moment, the Ultimate Wind Domain also formed and began spreading across the sky.

"Now, please show me how you're going to beat me in one strike!" Banka growled menacingly as he exuded an aura of powerful authority.

"With the wind power and the enlightening power, my spear can overwhelm everyone and everything!"

Banka roared loudly as he launched his most powerful spear strike. Banka's soul was seared by Soar's disdainful words, so he made up his mind and decided to attack Soar with all his might and teach Soar a bloody lesson.

After it fused with the Wind Enlightenment attack, Banka waved his spear wildly. The spear threw countless shadows, and the

erful authority. What force does he come from?' Luna thought to herself as she stared fixedly at Soar, who was standing at the center of the square.

'Anyway, he looks as though he is far inferior in destructive power to that young man.' With that thought, Luna noticed Ricky out of the corner of her eye.

She was very surprised by Ricky's destructive aura, though he was at a comparatively lower cultivation level.

"Ricky, I didn't expect that Soar would be so powerful!" Scar said to Ricky, communicating with him through their telepathic link. He was totally stunned by the unexpected events unfolding before them.

"Scar, he can do more than you think. Just watch him," Ricky said with a grin.

"It seems that I have played my cards right. It was good fortune that I turned to you for help," Scar answered. He felt overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude.

When Soar quieted down, he turned to gaze at Keyon.

"You have come here to help the Spear Hall, isn't that right? In that case, please come down here and show me what you are capable of," Soar said provocatively as his eyes flashed with an aggressive and murderous light.

"Keyon, come down here and let's have a fight."

"What an audacious little creature! His attitude is more than I can tolerate!" Keyon bellowed at Soar. He was obviously enraged by Soar's provocative words.

In the blink of an eye, Keyon made an emergency landing in the square. At that moment, he activated his enlightening power and swept it through the air. Its crushing power flew towards Soar.

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