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   Chapter 557 Start Of The Competition

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After seeing Keyon and others leave, Madeline, Ricky, and their companions were eventually relieved. They knew that if they fought with them now, they would be the ones defeated. Jim, who was a completed spiritual king, definitely had formidable power, because they could perceive that from his invisible pressure.

"It seems that this jade tablet is quite useful," Ricky said soon after they left.

"That is for sure. After all, the Zhang Clan is well-respected—all because Jasper has already been identified as a genius who will definitely become an innate spiritual emperor in the future," Scar responded.

"That's not fair. I am an ace genius. Why can't I have as great a deterrent power as Jasper's?" Ricky complained sullenly.

"This is because you haven't really mastered your real power yet. Jasper's power is so formidable that even some of the completed spiritual kings are no match for him. When you have the same cultivation level as Jasper, they will fear you too," Scar said.

"After all, it is still a matter of strength!" Ricky sighed.

"Master Jim, why didn't you launch an attack against them just now? Was it because of the Zhang Clan's jade tablet?" On their way back, Keyon asked Jim the questions in a slightly angry tone, because he really couldn't wait to take Madeline as his own.

He respected Jim and waited to listen to what Jim had to say. Otherwise, he could have directly ordered Jim and Josiah to launch an attack just now, regardless of any obstruction or dissent.

"Prince Keyon, the Zhang Clan is not a pushover, not only because the Oriental College is behind them, but also because their family has given birth to a peerless genius who has huge potential to become an spiritual emperor," Jim answered to Keyon.

"You mean Jasper? If it is possible, I really want to cut him into pieces!" Keyon said ferociously with a harsh expression.

"Prince Keyon, you don't have to hurry to get that woman. At present, what's rather crucial for us is to get the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth. After getting it, you can make a breakthrough and become a second-class middle spiritual king," Jim reasoned.

"The woman is currently in the Saber Hall, so she can't be out of our sight. We'll take a long-term view on how to capture her when this matter is over. After all, in the end, that woman will be yours."

"Yes, you are right. Right now, I must get the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth. That is urgent and I shouldn't let that woman occupy too much of my mind. If that bitch crushes the jade tablet and really

y their capabilities in this fierce battle," Josiah initiated the fight as he stood up from his chair at this moment.

Had it been in the past, Josiah would have never taken the lead in addressing this speech or might not have even wanted to take part in the competition, because in the end, their Spear Hall would lost the competition.

But now, with Keyon as their companion, everything was different. This time, he was sure that the right to use the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth would only be in their possession. Therefore, he couldn't wait the competition to start.

"Our Spear Hall will send a disciple onto the training square first. Next, it's the turn for you to choose the appropriate disciple that represents your hall."

After Josiah finished speaking, Banka of the Spear Hall took the lead in jumping onto the training square, looking defiantly at the high platforms of the Sword Hall and Saber Hall.

"Since the Spear Hall has sent their disciple, let me fight against him," Soar said coldly. Paying no heed to the discussion between Scar and the leader of the Sword Hall, he jumped directly onto the training square.

Scar could do nothing but shoot an apologetic look at Nora.

However, Nora was not angry at all about Soar's reckless behavior. Actually, she was satisfied with this result. As the Saber Hall had sent their representative before her, she could have a rough idea of the strength of the other two halls before sending a disciple from the Sword Hall.

"Who are you? Tell me your name. I don't beat the unknown with my spear," Banka said in disdain while looking at Soar.

He could feel that Soar had not reached the realm of a middle spiritual king yet.

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