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   Chapter 556 Keyon

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"Do you know what the jade tablet of a demi-spiritual-emperor force is used for?" Scar asked in surprise after hearing what Ricky had said.

"Back when I got the jade tablet, it was to help me enter the Oriental College, because I was only a demi-immortal and it was highly likely that I would be denied access to such a renowned college," Ricky answered honestly.

"That makes sense!" Scar replied lightly.

"Then, this jade tablet could solve the bad situation coming up in the next three days," Ricky added.

"You're right. The Zhang Clan is well respected because of Jasper. Even some spiritual-emperor forces need to show respect to the clan, let alone demi-spiritual-emperor forces," Scar said.

"If Keyon doesn't want to anger the Zhang Clan, he will give up. If he still insists on taking Madeline away, then we'll have to prepare for a fight!"

"Let's give it our best shot!" Ricky said. "Soar, you need to make sure to get your temper under control when we face him in three days. I promise you that Keyon will be all yours in ten days. You just need to wait a bit longer."

"I understand, Ricky," Soar replied with a quick nod. He had realized that they were on the weaker side in that situation.

Then, Ricky and his companions rested up at the Saber Hall, waiting patiently for whatever was coming their way in three days. Ricky was more concerned about getting the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth though.

Madeline had always been curious about the relationship between Scar and Ricky, because she was able to tell that Scar treated Ricky with great respect. What made her even more curious about it was that neither Ricky nor Soar had influential power standing behind them.

Madeline asked Ricky about it. "Scar works for me, so he has to treat his superiors seriously," was the only answer she got from Ricky.

Since she wasn't satisfied with Ricky's reply, she decided to try and ask Soar. To her surprise, Soar gave her the same answer. Soar wouldn't tell her that Scar was actually Ricky's servant though.

Soar's cryptic reply angered Madeline. She decided to push him further and furiously demanded, "Soar, if

he power of flushing tree, except Jasper, who was a peerless genius.

"How I got it is none of your business. If you bother us again, I will be forced to break it," Madeline threatened.

Keyon harrumphed in frustration. "Don't be so naive. I won't just give you up because you threaten to break it," Keyon replied relentlessly. A murderous glare was being shot from his greedy eyes.

However, deep down in his heart, he did fear for the possible destruction of the jade tablet.

There were some spiritual-emperor force behind the Garuda tribe. The Zhang Clan also had such force supporting them. Besides, even the spiritual-emperor forces would have to show some respect to the Zhang Clan just for Jasper's existence.

"If you keep bullshitting me, I'm gonna break the jade tablet," Madeline said again, as her grip on the jade tablet became tighter.

"Don't do that! Please accept our sincere apologies. It's our fault for offending you," Jim apologized at that critical moment. He had to prevent Madeline from breaking the jade tablet.

Meanwhile, he gave Keyon a hard glare and told him to stop babbling such nonsense.

Keyon reluctantly agreed to a compromise and left with his people. He couldn't just ignore Jim's signal, after all.

Josiah was greatly disappointed. He had expected the total destruction of the Saber Hall within a day. The sudden appearance of the jade tablet ruined his daydream completely.

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