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   Chapter 555 The Trouble With Madeline

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"In the Three-hall City, there are the Saber Hall, the Spear Hall, and the Sword Hall. Those three halls have joint control of the city," Scar said before he turned and nodded in agreement toward Ricky.

"There is a secret place in the city. We called it the Land of Quintessence. The Quintessence of Heaven and Earth appears there every five years."

"The Quintessence of Heaven and Earth? What is that?" Ricky echoed curiously when he heard Scar use that strange term.

"It's a kind of essential energy from the heaven and earth. Most of the essential energy from heaven and earth appears in the form of Treasures from Heaven and Earth, but a part of that energy presents itself in a liquid form instead," Scar explained. "The Quintessence of Heaven and Earth in the Three-hall City can not only be refined by creatures, but it can also be absorbed by spiritual weapons.

A spiritual weapon will become more powerful after absorbing it, though its level won't be upgraded. When it is used by its owner, it can cause greater destructive energy. What's even more amazing is that, if a spiritual weapon and its owner uses the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth at the same time, they will become more closely connected.

Needless to say, if a creature refines the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth, their cultivation level will also be greatly improved."

"What? Is it really that powerful?" Ricky exclaimed in shock after he learned the details of what the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth was from Scar.

The Quintessence of Heaven and Earth seemed to be born for him and his Iron Destroyer! He had successfully re-produced the Iron Destroyer not long ago. If he and his weapon were to refine the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth successfully, his combat power would be enhanced greatly!

"So, I think the trouble must have something to do with the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth. Am I right about that?" Ricky asked again.

"Exactly! In the past hundred years, the three halls would send out three young warriors to have a competition. Whoever won the competition would win the right to refine the Quintessence of Heaven and Earth," Scar continued to explain.

"However, in the last sixty years, the warrior from the Spear Hall had never won, so they failed to gain the right to refine it. As a result, their youngest generation was becoming weaker than that of the Saber Hall and the Sword Hall as time went by.

We have made an agreement that no one is allowed to seek help from others during the competition. However, according to my informer, the Spear Hall has contacted an organization at the Demi-spiritual Emperor Level called the Garuda tribe, and promised to pay them a large amount of money fo

"Yes, I do, but I'm not sure whether it will work or not." Ricky nodded his head a few times before he stretched his hand out. A white jade tablet was sitting in the palm of his hand.

On the front of it, there was the word "Oriental," and on the back side there was the word "Zhang." That was not the identity jade tablet of the disciples from the Oriental College though. It was the jade tablet that Zenith had asked for from Cheryl Zhang. Ricky had not used it before.

"That...that is the jade tablet of the Zhang Clan! The peerless genius called Jasper is also from the clan," Scar exclaimed in surprise. He recognized it as soon as he saw it.

"Do you know about it?" Ricky was surprised that Scar knew something about the jade tablet.

"Yes, of course. All the forces at the Demi-spiritual Level have their own unique jade tablets with their symbols," Scar replied. "I knew that it was from the Zhang Clan at first sight. Any creature, as long as they have the jade tablet of the Zhang Clan, doesn't have to fear anything. Owning the jade tablet indicates that you have the support of some core member of the Zhang Clan.

Besides, once the jade tablet is crushed, the demi-spiritual emperor of the Zhang Clan should be able to feel it."

"That's so impressive. I didn't know that the jade tablet was so useful," Ricky said in surprise when he heard Scar's explanation.

His original plan was to show the jade tablet to Keyon Jin in order to threaten him and stop him from taking Madeline away temporarily. Ricky only wished that the prestige of the Zhang Clan would stop the young man from trying to take her away. He was really surprised at its usefulness after he learned how useful the jade tablet he possessed was. Deep inside, he was very grateful for what Zenith had done for him.

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