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   Chapter 554 Heading For The Three-hall City

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 12771

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Knowing that Soar had already made up his mind to leave, Ricky just gave him a smile even though he knew that Soar took the matter seriously.

"Then what are you waiting for, bro? Get yourself ready. We should waste no time. We need to get to the Three-hall City to save your princess," Ricky urged in a cheerful voice.

However, Soar's determination quickly vanished. He became hesitant now that Ricky had offered his help to go with him. "Well, I can go there alone. I think it would be best if you stay in the Oriental College. Don't worry, I can manage," he said in a mild and confident tone.

"I guess you're quite afraid that I might be caught by the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce, right?" Ricky asked with all honesty after thinking about the situation for a while.

"Yes, you're right about that. I mean, you really don't have to take the risk for me," Soar nodded with a frown on his face. At that point, he was really worried about Ricky's safety.

"We are sworn brothers, and this is no secret already. Everyone knows that. So it's just fair to say that if they discover you, it would also mean that they have already discovered me, too. Even if we don't act together, they would still find the clues that link us together. After all, do you think I would stand by and do nothing if you got into some trouble? Come on, I know you would do the same thing for me. So why not take this one together, starting from the beginning? It will eventually save a lot of troubles I'm sure," Ricky said as he tried to persuade Soar into letting him go with him.

"I see. You make a fair point. I guess, you should get ready then. Let's go," Soar replied as he saw the sincerity in Ricky's eyes. With that, he didn't insist on leaving him behind anymore.

He knew that Ricky was telling the truth about their situation. Deep in his heart, Soar also knew that Ricky would do anything to help and save him if ever he was caught by the hostile forces. If that were the case, but hopefully not, then it was justifiable that they went together, so that each of them had back up. After all, if they were that unfortunate as being caught and discovered, they still had a trick up their sleeve—the Chaotic Fire Zone. They could easily hide inside the zone which would then reduce the risk of getting caught in the first place.

"But I think we should still prepare for some other things before we can go," Ricky said with a smile on his excited face.

Afterwards, Soar went with Ricky to the Weapon Casting Department to meet Cameron. Soar was out of words as he heard what Ricky asked from Cameron—three masks made of human skin. But then Soar realized what Ricky wanted to do with them. Out of all the casting masters, Ricky was sure that he had put his trust on the right hands as he knew that Cameron could make them. This genius idea was for their disguise. Any warrior below a demi-spiritual emperor wouldn't be able to detect the real faces behind them if they wore those masks.

Upon hearing his request, Cameron already knew that Ricky wanted to go out and practice. Although he did not want to let Ricky leave the college gates and act alone, he still did what he was asked to do. Cameron, realizing Ricky's need for a disguise, knew that it was impossible for the young man to make fast progress if he were only confined inside the walls of the college yard.

With this, Cameron didn't refuse the request, nor did he ask more about what it was for. In fact, he had even asked the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor to come and help him with the casting with the use of his ruling power.

And in no time, three human-skinned masks were successfully made by the casting master, which would not be possible without the help from the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor. These masks were real enough to d

ion as it housed three famous forces with completed spiritual kings, after all.

With no time to spare, Ricky controlled the Chaotic Fire Zone and changed his direction, moved into the city, and got straight into the Saber Hall.

They went directly to the secret chamber Scar had arranged in advance, and got out from the Chaotic Fire Zone. Having their masks on, the people who came out of the zone looked like normal warriors. Their cover was successful and only careful and wise men would see right through them.

Meanwhile, Inside the secret chamber, Scar, Madeline, Yedda and Yolanda were already waiting for their arrival.

It was no surprise to them when they saw three strangers turn up. For one, they had already known that putting up disguises was a must if they wanted their plan to work. Moreover, they knew that Ricky had used a powerful spiritual space tool to help them travel this far. So it was nothing surprising that the three of them would show up this way.

"What the hell happened, Madeline? So tell me which bastard's been giving you trouble and I'm going to give him what he deserves!" Soar went up and asked Madeline straight up the moment he saw her. He got so irritated that he just couldn't keep his voice down even for just a bit.

Ricky, Scar, and Tina all exchanged embarrassed looks when Soar had ignored all of them and made a fuss, like he was going to beat up anyone that had offended the girl he liked.

Ricky had mixed emotions upon witnessing Soar's burst of anger. 'Oh boy, couldn't you just restrain yourself a bit? Everyone's watching, you know!' he thought with a faint smile on his face. Nevertheless, Ricky didn't say anything to stop Soar. He knew him very well and that was enough reason to let him be. Honestly, he quite liked his simple, yet open and warm personality, along with the fact that his words and deeds always matched what was inside his head.

By how things looked, it was obvious that Madeline shared Ricky's opinion, as someone more than just a friend to Soar. Her face lit up and flushed in bright pink. Her grave expression was even gone at Soar's determined, yet overly protective words. But if there was anything, she was quite happy about how Soar cared about her so much. It even made her stomach flutter and her heart beat faster in her chest. She clearly knew why Soar would act like this, as for more than one time, this guy had already confessed his love and desire for her face to face.

"So, tell us about it, Scar. What on earth has happened to Saber Hall?"

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