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   Chapter 553 Receiving A Message From Scar

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Finally, the big crisis Ricky had to go through finally came to an end. He not only defeated Jaden and Jaxon in terms of weapon casting, but also made the public convinced that they had tried to poison him. While all of this was happening, he also made a big breakthrough and became a casting master of Spirit Level. The high profile of the Bu Clan and the Jiang Clan couldn't bring them any good reputation or achievements. But instead, it made them fall into a pathetic situation—the casting spirits of their two casting masters were destroyed, and they also lost a rare Heavenly Aroma Pill. More importantly, their nasty plot made Ricky become much more famous in the entire Oriental College and other surrounding big realms.

An ace genius like Ricky obviously had great talents in weapon casting. With his two outstanding capabilities, it wasn't too much trouble for him to be well-known. It was like the old saying, "Gold will always shine brightly wherever it goes."

Of course, there was another saying, "Every coin has two sides." Under his great reputation, he also had an increasing number of enemies which meant that there were endless murderous intents plotting in the dark to take him down. One day in the near future, he wouldn't be able to avoid getting caught in the middle of those deadly plots.

Ricky couldn't be any more aware of that, but he just didn't give a single care in the world. He knew that was the cost he had to pay for his rapid improvement and growth. All he had to do now was get his strength developed even faster. By ensuring his further improvement, he would have no reason to feel dreadful about any of their nasty plots at all.

After he became a casting master of Spirit Level, the first thing he did was, of course, to consolidate his strength to prepare himself to cast a new weapon once again. This time, he wanted to cast a new Iron Destroyer of Spirit Level.

He had already cast a saber before, and during the casting process, he had fused his will into the saber's own psychic intelligence because he knew he would want to recast the Iron Destroyer using that saber.

From the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor, he was able to acquire a piece of the innate copper essence which he reserved for this moment. Now, he also acquired a piece of the ancient black iron from Jaxon. With the two materials, the Iron Destroyer he was about to cast would be much harder than the previous one.

After a few days off, Ricky got refreshed and was both mentally and physically prepared to recast the Iron Destroyer in the Enlightening Pond at the Oriental College.

Through the special traits of the water in the pond, it would be much easier for him to integrate the enlightening power into the Iron Destroyer. Since he was about to make a new saber of his own, he had to try and give it everything he had to finish the casting.

However, staying in the Enlightening Pond for an entire day would cost anyone a hundred thousand gold coins. Due to this shockingly expensive cost, Rocky only gave himself five whole days to cast his saber in the water of the pond. That was the most coins he could offer at that moment. Somehow, the news that Ricky would stay in the pond for weapon casting for five days soon spread around the Oriental College like wild fire. From time to time, it could be heard that some disciples were discussi

adeline." Scar's respectful voice sounded in Ricky's mind.

Although Scar still called his master by his name, his tone was actually quite respectful.

Whether it was Ricky's talent in martial arts or in weapon casting, either aspect was enough for Scar to admire his master by a lot. And now, Scar felt even much luckier that he had signed a binding contract with Ricky.

Of course, he was also worried that his master would be killed before he could become the most powerful warrior because there were just too many people who wanted to kill him desperately.

"Scar, why do you need my help? What is happening?" Ricky asked urgently at once. "Also, what happened to Madeline? Is she safe?"

Madeline had been one of his good friends. Moreover, Soar had a huge crush on Madeline and he wanted to make sure that she was safe and sound.

"Up till now, she is doing all right. However, she has gotten herself in a very sticky situation. Only a genius like you can help her get out of it," Scar said. "Also, this time if you come, there will be a great opportunity waiting for you."

"I'm glad to hear that she is all right at the moment. I will set off to the Three-hall City immediately, but I'll have to get there discreetly," Ricky said.

"I understand! We will be waiting for your arrival. Thank you very much," Scar said.

"Scar, we share weal and woe. You don't need to be so courteous to me," Ricky said lightly. "After all, I may meet a lot of trouble and I will also need your assistance in the future."

"All right. I'll keep that in mind," Scar said simply.

Later, Ricky no longer hesitated and went straight out of the Enlightening Pond to find Soar in the Tower of Training and told him about the whole situation.

"What? Someone dared to trouble my woman? We should go there now!" Soar said with resentment and found it hard to remain calm after he heard that Madeline, the woman he had a crush on, was in great trouble. He could not wait to appear in the Three-hall City as soon as they could.

"When exactly did she become your woman?" Ricky asked and laughed at Soar.

"If I believe that she is my woman, then she already is my woman!" Soar said eagerly without the slightest sign of embarrassment.

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