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   Chapter 552 The Upset Bu Clan And Jiang Clan

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The next moment, Ricky collected all his internal strength and slashed the saber that he had made in the air. Consequently, the strong enlightening power gathered on the sharp saber. It flashed through the air which made a crack appear in the space.

'It is a weapon of Spirit Level! It is much more powerful than weapons of Demi-spirit Level!' Ricky sighed in his heart. He himself was very impressed by the saber's performance.

In fact, he had not employed his power when he waved it in the air. The intense power of the saber itself was strong enough to create such severe damage to the surroundings. If Ricky had used his Iron Destroyer, he would have had to pour his own power into it to split the space and create a crack.

However, this saber was strong enough to do that using its own power. That was exactly the difference of strength between a spiritual weapon and a demi-spiritual weapon.

'Brilliant! I think my next target should be to re-build my Iron Destroyer using this saber, ' Ricky told himself determinedly. Once he possessed a weapon of Spirit Level, his combat power would be intensified to a large degree.

What was more important was that he had cast this weapon himself! That was just marvelous. He couldn't contain his excitement.

The next moment, Ricky took his saber back and turned to look where the members of the Bu Clan and the Jiang Clan were floating in the air.

He smiled slyly as he said to Ade from the Bu Clan, "Thanks to Jaden and Jaxon, I have successfully broken through and have become a casting master of Spirit Level. If it were not for them and their generosity, I'm afraid I would have never been able to do that."

Ricky's words confused all the disciples in the audience. They were puzzled for a second, but then they realized that Ricky was taunting the Bu Clan and the Jiang Clan. 'He is very daring to "thank" Jaden and Jaxon that way! I'm sure that the people belonging to the two clans must be very embarrassed! How could they endure such a humiliation! Maybe they are furious right now, ' everyone thought.

As expected, the faces of the members of the Bu Clan and the Jiang Clan grew darker when they heard Ricky's remarks. Especially, Jaden and Jaxon, who had managed to calm down a bit, became extremely angry.

"Did you hear what he just said? I think he is really hostile sometimes," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor said to Cameron through telepathy at Ricky's teasing comments.

"Yes, and we must keep him safe. The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce wants to kill him. Naturally, he will grow hostile and vengeful. I just hope that he reacts more maturely," Cameron responded.

"You don't need to thank anyone! But, I do have a suggestion for you. Hopefully, you will keep it in mind," Ade answered as darkness clouded his face.

"Please. I'm all ears," Ricky said, a smirk playing on his

venly Aroma Pill that Jaxon had offered to him.

In this situation, the reputations of the Bu Clan and the Jiang Clan were completely ruined! None of the disciples who had witnessed this event would trust them anymore. They would think twice before they decided to buy any pills from the Jiang Clan.

"He is doing an excellent job!" Cameron smiled as he saw the events unfold.

"Yes! While he did not gain many advantages, he has successfully made the Bu Clan and the Jiang Clan suffer a huge blow. Now, their reputations are damaged to a large degree," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor said.

At that time, it could be seen that many warriors from the Bu Clan were fixing their eyes on the warriors from the Jiang Clan.

The members of the Bu Clan had trusted the Jiang Clan. This was why they had agreed to allow Jaden to participate in their scheme. If the result had been a positive one, the Bu Clan would have never shown any unhappiness.

However, the result turned out to be a negative one. And for that matter, an extremely bad one. No wonder that the people from the Bu Clan were shooting angry glances at those from the Jiang Clan.

Warriors from the Jiang Clan, on the other hand, had nothing to do but suffer the stern glares of the Bu Clan. They chose to remain silent in response to those scowls. Deep inside, they blamed Ricky for everything that had gone wrong.

Concerning the accusation from Ricky, which stated that there were impurities in the pill, the Jiang Clan could never admit it. Therefore, several completed spiritual kings from the Jiang Clan defended, "This is nonsense! There is no impurity in the pill produced by our Jiang Clan! Don't you dare talk nonsense anymore!"

"Haha! Now that you refuse to admit this, it doesn't matter. You can think that I was just talking nonsense. I'm sorry," Ricky responded while smiling. He decided not to respond to their statements.

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