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   Chapter 551 The Casting Master Of Spirit Level

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8076

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Fury had blinded both Jaxon's and Jaden's minds.

In an instant, the air was filled with their murderous intent. They finally made their moves! Ricky was currently riveted with casting and they saw it as the perfect opportunity to kill him or at least destroy his casting spirit.

Jaxon and Jaden were completely dominated by their anger that they became impervious to their surroundings. There was nothing else on their minds other than their desire to kill Ricky.

Boom! Just as they were about to attack, two lights shone in the middle of the air and covered the two of them completely. A mysterious figure then appeared out of nowhere, it was none other than Ade, a demi-spiritual emperor from the Bu Clan.

"Stand down, both of you. From this moment on, your aid will no longer be needed!" Ade Bu said indifferently as the two lights carried both Jaden and Jaxon into the air.

Ade Bu then stepped in and used his ruling power to stabilize Jaden and Jaxon.

Although Ade Bu could not help in repairing their casting spirits, he was still able to help them to a certain degree.

It was no surprise that Ade Bu stepped in to stop the two of them. If he had decided to sit this one out and let them attack instead, both Jaden and Jaxon would have already been dead by before he could do anything. It was easy to say that Ade Bu just saved their lives. Furthermore, both the Bu Clan and the Jiang Clan wouldn't have let them strike Ricky like this.

Had they defeated Ricky in a competition fair and square, the Oriental College would not be able to say anything about it even if they were not happy with the outcome. After all, they always made sure to uphold honor and justice at all times.

However, they had just played it dirty but were still defeated by Ricky. If they had killed Ricky that time, the Oriental Emperor could simply kill both of them and no one would dare say anything about it.

"The Bu Clan and the Jiang Clan are smart. They finally decided to stop these two punks," Cameron said to the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor telepathically in a subtle but mocking tone. He had anticipated that some members of these two clans would eventually step in to stop them.

"However, they are now completely on the side of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce," said the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor.

"Not just them. You know it well that other spiritual-emperor forces have be

t's a spiritual weapon! I actually felt the power of a true spiritual weapon from the saber!" many disciples shouted in astonishment as they stared at the saber.

"He actually did it! He is now a casting master of Spirit Level! He is more than just an ace genius now!"

At that moment, everyone was staring at the figure at the casting table with much jealousy and admiration. A lot of the female disciples wanted to throw themselves at Ricky.

Ricky was like a white knight in their hearts. No one else had ever made an achievement like he did.

Needless to say, there would always be someone looking at him with murderous intent.

Without a doubt, Ricky's success at casting only added fuel to this. However, he was well beyond that threat. He knew it would be a common occurrence as he became stronger and more powerful. He would just have to take care of whoever had the balls to make a move on him. He wasn't worried because he knew it would be a piece of cake.

"I cannot believe he actually made it. He was definitely cutting it quite close this time!" Cameron said to the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor telepathically while stroking his beard.

"'Cutting it close' is definitely an understatement. I think he almost died!" The Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor smiled. "However, I also believe that he had anticipated all the possible outcomes.

For example, how did he solve the problem with that questionable Heavenly Aroma Pill?"


"A casting master of the Spirit Level! I finally made it!" Ricky opened his eyes and looked at the floating saber with much satisfaction.

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