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   Chapter 550 Demolishing

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At this moment, both Jaden's and Jaxon's mouth were agape as they were struck with awe.

They might have underestimated Ricky's capability this time. All along, they felt that they had an edge over Ricky's power. But luck was not on their side that day, for in a blink of an eye, all of their hopes of defeating Ricky were turned into rubbish as his casting realm flooded them like huge waves, overpowering them.

And this realm was different from theirs—sadness engulfed every fiber of their being. Sadness triumphed over any other emotion that they could feel as it expelled away their rationality. They felt helpless as they could not find a way on how to break out of the awful feeling.

"What happened? I thought that he had already refined the Heavenly Aroma Pill. But how could he attain such an intense casting realm? Plus, this realm contains such a great power of sadness," Jaxon said to Jaden in disbelief.

"The poison in the Heavenly Aroma Pill was intended to destroy his spiritual meridian gradually. On top of the long-term effect, it can destroy his casting realm in a short period of time as well," explained Jaden.

"Then how do you explain this? Why is the power in his realm still that great?"

"How should I know? I didn't prepare that pill! As far as I know, it was from your clan!" Jaden said coldly and accusingly using internal power. "We trusted Jiang Clan's pill refining skills.

If anything goes wrong, your clan has to bear full responsibility!"

The sudden overturn of the power was clearly felt by the other disciples and creatures.

Even though Ricky's attack wasn't aimed at them, they could still sense that the power of Ricky's realm had such a definite increase. To top that off, the sense of sadness was very prevalent around the area as they felt like the feeling was scattered all over the place.

And just like that, all of a sudden, Jaden's and Jaxon's realms were demolished.

But this was all due to the fact that both of them were equally affected by Ricky's power of sadness. Only those who were deemed to be more powerful than Ricky could easily shake the foreign element off their system. But in this case, they were both not comparable to Ricky's strength. This meant that they would more or less get indulged in their past miseries and traumas even before they could recover.

"How is that possible? Could it be that the Heavenly Aroma Pill that Jaxon gave Ricky

enhanced the power of the Gale Strike. Then, the two attacks collided into each other.


Suddenly, a series of thundering sounds echoed though out the whole area. As a result, all the warriors' minds were shaken as the impact was clearly felt.

And in an instant, Ricky's power of realm totally demolished Jaxon and Jaden's combined realm attacks. After destructing their realms, Ricky's realm quickly found its way into their bodies.

"Aww!" "Aww!"

Jaden and Jaxon both growled and howled in pain as their opponent's realm crushed their bodies.

Everything happened so quickly. But to their dismay, even both of their realms were too fragile under Ricky's attack.

Puff! Puff!

Half-kneeling on the ground, the two lads then coughed out a mouthful of blood as Ricky's attack tormented their bodies. They could not handle it anymore.

Ricky's realm attack had not only demolished their realms, but also their beliefs. They had once been so resolved in pursing the power of casting. But now, they winced and became unsure if it was still what they really wanted. It was as though the road of casting was covered with mist now. If they were unable to see it through, they might stay at the current level for the rest of their lives, which was, every warrior's nightmare.

"Ricky!" Jaden and Jaxon roared. Their enlightening power started to surge again as they tried to attack Ricky once more.

However, Ricky seemed to be oblivious to them as he was currently immersed in his own casting realm. His victory against Jaden and Jaxon only made him aspire to become a casting master of Spirit Level.

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