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   Chapter 549 Attacked By The Casting Realm

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In a stroke of bad luck, Jaden and Jaxon had miscalculated the poisonous effect of the Heavenly Aroma Pill on Ricky. Even with the help of their wild imagination, they couldn't figure out that Ricky had four zones. These were the key to helping him eliminate any kind of hidden poisons. This made Ricky take the pill without any hesitation because he was sure that he wouldn't be harmed.

Even with the pill already in Ricky's system, he wouldn't be harmed by the poison. His body being a fusion of the four zones gave him immunity from any effects the poison might have brought. On the other hand, he was certain that Jaden and Jaxon didn't give him the pill with an extremely potent poison. If he were killed by the pill on the spot, Jaden and Jaxon would've faced more serious trouble.

'Ricky, you are really playing with fire! After taking this Heavenly Aroma Pill, your career in weapon casting and martial arts will come to an end!' Jaden and Jaxon snorted coldly and spontaneously in their mind as they saw Ricky did not hesitate to take the pill. They now believed that once Ricky started to refine weapons, he would suffer from chronic intoxication. By then, they would find a way to defeat him completely.

Confusion and disbelief filled the air as all the other warriors were stunned at what they saw. The atmosphere was immediately filled with tension when heated debates started to happen. Comment after comment, stand against stand. Every warrior just joined in on the intense discussions about what was happening in front of their naked eyes.

"What?! How could Ricky take the pill so easily? Did he not think of the possibility of it being toxic? Or did he believe that in broad daylight Jaxon and Jaden would not dare to add any poison into the pill?"

"Or was he so greedy for the Heavenly Aroma Pill that he forgot to think of the repercussions?"

As soon as the commotion subsided, almost all the disciples realized that they seemed to have placed Ricky on a pedestal. They began to think that even an ace genius like Ricky could make a mistake as well.

Of course, there were still those who held on to the idea of Ricky possessing the trump card to solve the crisis.

Meanwhile, the other senior leaders of the Oriental College were also watching the scene up high in the air.

Cameron, head of the Weapon Casting Department, was also a little taken aback by Ricky's behavior. Yet, he soon regained his composure and asked the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor lightly, "Hey, old friend, what kind of trump card do you think this little guy has in hand? What compelled him to have great courage to swallow this suspicious Heavenly Aroma Pill?"

"Unfortunately, I also do not have the answer to either of your questions. Let's just wait and see how things will unfold. I bet you will find that the longer you deal with this little brat, the more unfathomable you will feel he is," said the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor mysteriously.

"Yeah, I get what you mean by that. At least now


Clank! Clank!

The next moment, Ricky began his own casting. Then, the perfect casting realm permeated the area. All the creatures around him couldn't help but immerse themselves in it. Even the few demi-spiritual emperors, including the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor, found themselves captured in it.

'Oh my God! The casting realm's so perfect!' everyone in the audience exclaimed in their mind, as if uncontrollably.

"Let's attack him now!" Jaden and Jaxon communicated with each other through their telepathic link. Instantly, they reached a consensus.

Immediately, their casting movements became more intense. This made their casting realms more violent and more aggressive.

Slowly, the warriors in the area could feel their casting realms turning into strong attacks against Ricky. They wanted to defeat Ricky by occupying his realm and even making it under their control.

'Their confrontation has begun, ' the warriors thought silently in awe of what was happening before their very eyes. Soon, all the creatures kept their eyes closed and used their senses to feel the invisible clash of the three casting masters at the casting table.

Ricky no longer showed any sign of weakness. He activated his own realm power to collide directly with the realm attacks of his two opponents. He was putting up a good fight.

Peace and quiet filled the entire Weapon Casting Department, as usual. However, behind that shroud of calmness, a fierce fight was invisibly ensuing and murderous intent was surging violently.

After a brief moment, Ricky no longer suppressed his real power. Instead, he directly activated the gale runes, condensed the power of the Gale Omnipotent Skill—the Gale Strike and fused it into his casting realm. After that, he used his upgraded realm to attack the weaknesses of Jaden's and Jaxon's casting realms.

Bang! Bang! Furious booming sounds broke out after every attack launched by Ricky. Immediately, the faces of his opponents grew dark and heavy with rage.

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