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   Chapter 548 The Heavenly Aroma Pill

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Everybody turned their eyes to look at the two pills. It was not about the shape or something else that caught their attention. It was the smell. The moment the two pills were presented, a fragrant smell filled the space at once. It was a pleasant, delicate smell that everybody liked immediately.

'Those pills must be extraordinary!' all the warrior sighed in their hearts unconsciously. Even though they did not know what those pills were, they knew they were certainly special and extremely valuable.

'What are those pills of King Level?' everyone pondered curiously as they exchanged puzzled looks with each other. All of them were desperate to know more about the pills.

At that time, Ricky closed his eyes as he calmed himself down. Certainly, the two pills would be used by Jaden and Jaxon to deal with him. Ricky was sure about this. The pills were emanating a kind of faint yet distinct and potent scent which was putting him under a lot of pressure.

"Ricky, those pills are called the Heavenly Aroma Pills. They are at the intermediate King Level," Jaxon explained to Ricky when the latter was secretly studying the pills. "They were made by a senior of our Jiang Clan."

"The Heavenly Aroma Pills! I had never expected that I would be lucky enough to see how they looked like!" Jaxon's words stirred the entire crowd. All the disciples were shocked as their faces lit up and their eyes started gleaming with greed and admiration.

Even some of the completed spiritual kings high above in the air were filled with awe and longing.

All of them were well aware of the Heavenly Aroma Pill. It was made from the Heavenly Aroma Grass, a Treasure from Heaven and Earth at intermediate King Level, and some other Treasures from Heaven and Earth.

It was pure magic. It could help the creatures to strengthen their soul, comprehensive ability, and apperception. It was not that precious to everyone, though. For demi-spiritual emperors or above, it was not very useful.

Additionally, the creatures who took the pill would remain very sober for a long time. It might last several months or even several years. How long that period would last depended upon how talented they were.

For those who were not that strong, their comprehension ability, apperception, and talent were restrained. It also had to do with whether they could get to a sober state where they could comprehend things more easily. The Heavenly Aroma Pill was such a pill that could help creatures reach that state.

Therefore, although the Heavenly Aroma Pill was just a pill at the intermediate King Level, it was very useful. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it was as valuable as a pill at the advanced King Level. This was why everyone was filled with greed as they stared at those two Heavenly Aroma Pills.

'The Heavenly Aroma Pills! Ah, how precious they are!

ey could possess a Heavenly Aroma Pill as well! But soon, they calmed down. They all knew that there was something suspicious with that Heavenly Aroma Pill in Ricky's hand.

"Humph! Stupid human beings! Do you really think that you can defeat Ricky with a problematic Heavenly Aroma Pill? That's so naive!" Soar sneered disdainfully as he watched the wicked faces of Jaden and Jaxon.

"Ricky will surely find out that you did something to that pill! And then it will eventually be restored by him!"


As soon as Ricky grasped the Heavenly Aroma Pill, he swallowed it without any hesitation.

The moment when the Heavenly Aroma Pill reached his throat, Ricky activated his devouring rune. The devouring rune was then transformed into a small-sized storm. It engulfed the Heavenly Aroma Pill before it came back to the Devourer Zone.

Inside the Devourer Zone, Ricky manipulated his four runic powers and began refining the Heavenly Aroma Pill. He immediately absorbed the faint scent that was being given out by the Heavenly Aroma Pill.

During this process of refinement, Ricky noticed that there were some black dots on the Heavenly Aroma Pill. If an ordinary warrior had refined it, he might not have noticed them. But Ricky was different. Only Ricky, who possessed the four powerful zones, or other strong warriors could discover them.

'I knew it! There is something wrong with this Heavenly Aroma Pill!' Ricky smirked coldly in his heart.

Immediately, his runes began to decompose those black dots. As expected, strings of Poisonous Enlightenment gushed out continuously.

Undoubtedly, the Jiang Clan had mixed some kind of toxin with the enlightening power and embedded it into the Heavenly Aroma Pill. As Ricky would refine the pill, he would be gradually poisoned by the toxin. This was the plan that the Jiang Clan had devised. Though, it was another story when it came to Ricky.

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